Reach 2000 Rating in Chess | Grandmaster Lessons Series: Part 1

Join us in on the journey to 2000 online chess rating!
These series guided by Grandmaster Nikola Nestorović, a top European chess coach, will focus on chess ideas and how they can improve your chess to reach a higher rating.
How to become better at chess? How to improve chess rating? This is the series that can help you.

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GM Nestorovic Lichess-
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Analysis of first game by Reti –

Excellent tool for scanning any chess position in any pdf book-

Recommended Chess Tactics Books:
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Polgar’s Chess Tactics book:
The Woodpecker method for chess tactics:
Winning Chess Tactics:

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  1. why are you smiling so widely man you make me nervous

  2. can you provide the reference for the reti and fischer game ?

  3. What happened to the series? No Part 2 after Part 1?

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