Reach 2000 Rating in Chess | Daily Study Plan

A daily chess study plan is presented as part of our ‘Reach 2000’ series.

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  1. Wow thank you so much for this!! ❤️

  2. Hi
    Please make video on how u utilise 1 day to learn and improve Chess….it's my request…

  3. Noted sir…I will follow this from 2 August….coz busy till 1 August 😁😁but one doubt sir …..where to see the "classic games" I don't understood what to watch in that?

  4. Sir I heard that grandmasters read thick chess books they look like a diary are they mandatory to learn ,or just practice and skill is enough to become a grand master

  5. Noone able to gain 2000 rating easily in chess. Who want 2000 rating they have to watch this channel.

  6. Dear sir, thank you very much for your Video regarding systematic preparation to reach high ratings and your approach of preparation shall put the player on right path. I strongly believe that today's preparation is tomorrow s achievement. Looking forward for your studious sessions. Thanks and regards. Dmbhangaonkar

  7. Sir you would not believe how I longed for this, thank you I am sure it will boost my play.

  8. I am 2100+ online, so please give a plan to reach 2500 online.

  9. Six months 😱 thanks for this video. Im really bad at chess and Ive though ill be stuck in 1000 forever but this video really gave me a confidence, and ill start working on myself today. After six months ill let you know how i improved

  10. Should you study endgames at the level of under 1800 rating?

  11. Thank you for this. But how about endgame play?

  12. Sir I am a 1200 Player and I want to Reach 2000. What should I do?? Any Tips and Ideas will be Appreciated. 😇

  13. How do we join to get access to your 'Reach 2000' study plan materials? I went to the link but see nothing about joining for $1.00 per month.

  14. I’m addicted to blitz games (5min), it’s so instantaneously gratifying. But yeah I need to stop those.

  15. Study Plan to 2000 Rating (get from 1800 to 2000 within 6 months) :

    The routine is 3 hours a day but if you don't have enough time, there is the percentage which means the importance of studying each part so you can create your own plan based on that.

    1. Study and solve tactics – 30% – 60 mins a day.

    2. Openings – 15% – 30 mins a day.

    3. Strategy – 15% – 30 mins a day.

    4. Play 15+10 games then deeply self analysis – 25-30% – 50 mins a day.

    5. Study Classics – 10% – 10 mins a day.

  16. I just did a marathon of tactics puzzles for one hour. Uff head hurted. But I probably solved like a 100 of them. I feel good.

  17. currently 450 rating, will update in a month following this plan

  18. This is perfect BUT my problem and i think its just me is that i dont know how to do those things i mean i dont know how to analyse my games is just just looking at what stokfish said or what , how to study an opening is it just memorization or what even stategy what book or site or YouTube channel teach strategy what really do you mean by strategy i just cant do those thing by my self i really need Help !!!

  19. Thanks soo much for this honestly it's amazing

  20. Going to follow this advice, updating weekly! Starting on today (2022/09/21, 21st September, 2022)
    Week 1!

  21. idk what Elo I am rn but its 400 I think and im trying to get to 100 or 2000, the average time I spend studying for chess is normal 5-7 hours but I would only use bots to practice so now im gonna try this and ill come back in a few months to tell u guys if I have improved, reply to this comment so I won't forget

  22. Best advice I heard is not to make a blunder

  23. Why are there no endgames? Aren't they important too?

  24. Man this plan is tough, but im gonna give my best to do it everyday. I'll update y'all every month or so. Current chess rating: 1050

  25. I'm going to get started on this today. Btw can somebody explain what he means when he says repetitive cycles?

  26. Studying traps opens your mind up to piece activity, patterns and piece coordination all in one. It really shows the potential of the pieces . I think you should study traps for each of the openings that you often play.

  27. My daughter qualify for national level and represent our state when start using this chess study plan! But honestly not all routine we follow and not even 3 hours, becaus my daughter still in school and she is 11 years old, need to balance everything with her study

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