Rating Roulette – Episode 2

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Rating Roulette! In this exciting gaming challenge, I’m once again presented with three different games and their corresponding rating averages. Can I redeem myself after guessing all three incorrectly in the previous episode? There’s only one way to find out!

Join me as I dive headfirst into the world of gaming analysis, attempting to match each game with its correct rating average. From intense strategy games to heart-pounding action adventures, the stakes are higher than ever as I put my gaming knowledge to the test.

Will I make the right choices this time around, or will I fall victim to another round of misjudgement? Tune in to find out!


  1. Excellent class! I know it is hard to become popular, I know another coaches that have great content but even less followers than you. It is weird how the amateur chess players select what "youtubers" to follow/watch. In general, the best "educational/technical/coach/help" content the fewest followers :S. Thank you very much for this series!BTW- can we get the links to the games in each video of this series?

  2. Coach, i really like this series. Solid educational content but its gameified without compromising the instructive value. I really wouldnt be surprised if these videos got really popular

  3. hello andras! I'm a big fan of your video series "the coach reacts". 2 months ago you asked me if I could record a video for it because I asked for it often. Now that I have a laptop I was able to do this. Are you still interested in it? If yes, how can I send you the video? Links in comments don't work.

  4. This was really great, and I was also very surprised by the results!

  5. Why did your Candidates recaps finish after round 6? You are my favourite chess Youtuber and there was some great material there.

  6. What would be good is an IM streamer tournament- you, Bartholomew, Banzea, and, say, Rosen. Would probably grow everyone’s channel.

  7. I would like my games included in this fun series

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