Rating Climb to 2200 – Rapid on Chess.com – Live Stream

Rating climb to 2200 rapid on chess.com

Stay sharp, play smart!

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  1. Your lessons are so simplified thanks each time I watch am able to defeat Dr wolf at expert level

  2. Am I wrong or did you add a noise gate?? ☺️☺️☺️

  3. Yo Chess Vibes, when will the “Guess the Move” competition advance to the second round? And how many people are participating?

  4. In the future you shouldn’t play music in the background with melodies. The music sounds bad when you watch the video on a fast speed.

  5. im like 1800-1900 on lichess rapid. i dont take it too seriously though always and i lose a lot of games because i have to leave the game or im distracted. i wonder how high i could get.

  6. Hi sir. I'm your subscriber from the Philippines. I'm stuck in 1200 rating what's your recommendation and do you have videos on how to climb? Thanks! ❤️

  7. Yes. Have been waiting for this video. Tonight, after work, lay down on the couch, get a beer and watch this stream and chill!

  8. Hmm? I’m going on…..! Bye …..for now…thanks for the wait…..06:25 TIME in the UK….

  9. 42:15 that’s known as the Nimzowitsch Defense, of course it’s inferior for Black but since the move has not been analyzed well enough Black can hope for a solid game with little theory to learn and he has clearly succeeded in your game as he was able to transpose to a 4 Knights! Of course the most critical move is 2 d4 getting the center and after that Black can play either 2 d5 or 2 e5. 2 Nf3 is also fine for White but it gives Black the option to transpose to the Open games with 2 e5 which he will almost never do but it’s an option for him

  10. how did you get the idea for the channel/start it etc?

  11. Man, it does not matter if you have a bad day or not, you show to be an honest guy that assumes losses and does not try to edit or hide anything. With a guy like you, I gladly would take a course to improve my mediocre chess performance.

  12. Where do you stream and what's ypur handle? couldn't find it in the description. Didn't even know you streamed! will gladly watch you as often as I can.
    I suggest you put your handle in every video or at least mention it, without looking at your recently uploaded videos I never would've known! discovered you recently, really enjoy your content. Keep it up 😊

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