Rating Climb to 2150 – Rapid on Chess.com – Live Stream

Rating climb to 2150 rapid on chess.com

Stay sharp, play smart!

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  1. Hey NLDo you have games that stick with you in your memory bank that you play over and over your head?

  2. Thanks for sharing these games Nelson! Great music Playlist too. Where can I get that!?

  3. Is there a set time for the quiz to be posted?

  4. Loving your channel. I just started chess a month ago. Playing humans on a physical board is the fastest way for me to learn and progress. But I feel like I've gotten a lot out of watching your videos as well! You're awesome 😊

  5. It takes so long to play a chess match, but it's so quick when just analyzing it

  6. Appreciate the entire method in which you host and give the engine reviews. For us on you tube could you make those reviews just slightly slower. Game time setting is great.Thanks and best your way from Oregon. Mike.

  7. You did good. Hanging in there. I like the format but like 15 min. also. Yeah, enjoyed the music also.

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