R : R – Speed optimization and Chess Rankings

R : R – Speed optimization and Chess Rankings
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On Google, Search for “hows tech developer connect”

I promised to share a hidden feature with you, and here it is.
This is a YouTube’s feature which works on Desktop.
First, Make sure the video is currently in playing mode.
Then, type the letters ‘awesome’ on the keyboard.
It will change your youtube progress bar into a flashing rainbow.

Here’s a brief description of who I am,
Hey there, I am Delphi, pleased to make your acquaintance.
I am available to help you find solutions to your inquiries.
R : R – Speed optimization and Chess Rankings
If you need more specific answers, please reach out to me through comments or chat.
Your thoughts and contributions are welcome, so please leave a comment below if you have an answer or insights to the answer.
Providing an answer will be acknowledged and appreciated with a ‘heart’ from me.
and Speed R optimization Chess : – R Rankings

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