Pragg, Gukesh and Arjun watch Magnus Carlsen play

The Chairman of APL Apollo Group, Sanjay Gupta is an avid chess player and supporter. SG Sports Pvt Ltd is a private venture of APL Apollo Family, which now owns SG Alpine Warriors was present today to greet the players of the team. Sanjay Gupta took on the former World Champion in a match whose proceeds will go to charity.

Video: ChessBase India
Created by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. Such a joyful thing to watch, an amateur vs the world champion but both playing for the ultimate victor: Charity. 👏

  2. Le hubieran puesto un rival con mas conocimiento ajedrecístico, el tipo da vergüenza ajena.

  3. Se llega a dormir Carlsen jugando con este tipo, que apenas sabe mover las piezas…

  4. Magnus debe ser mucho más educado y formal y respetar a quienes invierten y pateocinan en el ajedrez y literalmente le dan comer

  5. I bet these guys are like the One Direction of India right now . Gukesh is the Harry Styles, of course. The ladies probably love him

  6. Upcoming beasts observing present beast

  7. Magnus Carlsen Personality is Completely Different from other World Champions. Other World Champions always look Serious and They Created a Perception that "Chess is a Nerds game". But Magnus completely changed this, He made Chess as a Cool Game🧡Always Grateful to him

  8. Future Greats watching Greatest Chess Player of the World🔥

  9. Magnoose be like : Abe one more one more karke kitni baar harega busdix 😂

  10. Who is the other guy? Why is he wasting Magnus' time?

  11. He must have hate that match. I understand it for charity but the player is not even 700 and making him play mc is kind of like insult!

  12. Magnus is just soooo calm and a composed, such a personality to look at❤

  13. Fun fact: Magnus has a lot higher net worth than Sanjay Gupta

  14. I can see this is NOT going to end in a draw!

  15. What I like about magnus is he played fairly even he new they can be check mate in 3 moves

  16. This is the way my pricipal used to play with my in school.

  17. Whatever Magnus does is fun. He is everybody's Champion. ❤

  18. Dude Magnus got so inspired by Nepo that he basically kinda matched his hair to him, so that he has a mix of Magnus and Nepo!😂😂😂

  19. I am like – "Magnus ke saath mujhe bhi khelna h" !!

    Uncle ne discovered check mein jis tarah queen gavayi h uncle 1700-1800 Lichess hounge at max

  20. Chess is proof that calm demeanor helps in making best moves

  21. that was a 2800+ playing against a 600. anything can happen in this world

  22. Magnus be like : hey bhagwan kya zulm hai.. kaise kaiso ke sath chess khelna padraha hai ab 🙏🙏

  23. James Canty is a disgrace for NOT dressing up for the occasion. Nobody wants to see his ashy knees! TECH MAHINDRA should pay him LESS for NOT wearing proper attire.

  24. Nothing against Magnus (I hear he is pretty good! 🙂), but Pragg, Gukesh or Arjun could have won just as convincingly against Sanjay. It's not like Pragg and the others were watching in amazement.

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