Playing Chess until I hit 2000: Day 144

This is day 144 of my journey to get to a rating of 2000 on
In this game we play the Dutch Defense!

Happy to spot some solid attacking ideas here, although we made a few mistakes at points.

So far on the series:
92 wins 7 draws 74 losses

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Jofa3099, Alfonso López, André Rodrigues, Firionn


  1. good job! he also played pretty bad . I would suggest you keep calculating even when youre in a good position and up material, especially when your clock has a few minutes more. Its so tempting to keep attacking, but i try to keep in mind a basic thumb rule while trying not to stray from it (maybe more in blitz/bullet but not in rapid) – I keep developing and make little moves if I dont have a clear path for my attack or a mating idea. It turned up well cause when you developed your knight to d2/e2 it actually was the best move.. Its amazing how sticking to basics, in real life like in chess, it yields best resultsKeep it up!!

  2. Who are :J ofa3099, Alfonso López, André Rodrigues, Firionn

  3. Just found your channel bro. Dig it!

  4. Interesting game – well played Owen and thanks for sharing!

  5. great videos man. thank you. was wondering where your accent comes from, sounds like a mix? also totally agree about the never resigning and going for stalemate!

  6. nice one owen, built a good lead and didn't really let him back into it

  7. Your opponent took far too much time then made the right move and didnt follow up. Weird game, but another tick in the box.

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