Playing CHESS and Rocket League at the SAME TIME | Supersonic Legend Ranked 1’s Top50

I played some Top50 1s and the games took so long I started playing chess at the same time. If you like the video make sure to like and subscribe. Check out the other socials below:

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  1. Imagine you match up against Flitz and try super hard to win, the whole time this mf is playing chess simultaneously

  2. Man the college talk is super relatable, I enjoy the ranked commentary a lot! In terms of other content I really enjoy watching you play w others and just talking ❤

  3. Ur in the intro of waytons video. (Just in case you need some clickbait)

  4. Nah this is crazy how he’s so focused on chess and still winning in 1’s

  5. Flitz i am huge fan, can u do me a favor i got hacked to my ps4 and i loosed acc of rl can u give me some sites to buy nex one

  6. Cant believe u only got 7k subs i thought u had 70k plus since ur vids are too good

  7. Istg you're gonna find cam in chess as well at some point

  8. I play chess and rocket league too! Im 1900 rating in chess and champ in rocket league

  9. I literally went from a chess stream to watching your Rocket League videos. This should be your new thing. Splitscreen Rocket League and Chess.

  10. @Flitz The content I want to see and I think a lot of people do want to see is a video on wall play. specific scenarios in corners and what the goal should be in those situations.?? Hope it makes sense what I said 😀

  11. keep playing chess and rl those are my two favorite games hahaha great vid

  12. Really interesting! Try to say the moves so we can follow better the chess game. I mean something I took the pawn in d4 just to be more accurate 😉 but good content!

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