paulw7uk chess v 2606 one of my best ever wins by rating

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on very rare win for me vs anyone over 2500, only 1 point off my top 5 best ever wins in bullet by rating. game on
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  1. Im 700 elo so idk if this is a blunder but when the bishop was on f6 wouldnt queen f4 be a better move, forking the rook and bishop with threat of checkmate?

  2. You missed a mate
    Edit: Read the replies to this you will realise it was a mistake!

  3. Great mate, simplification of a big problem. Played very well once again

  4. Amazing Paul! Great use of the pawn at the end and contemplating the Rook sack.

  5. What a dirty mate πŸ˜‚ could see it in your face when you solved this one!

  6. Wow I don’t think I’ve seen a checkmate like that before well played good sir

  7. Thats a nice win. I love that even when you're very enthusiastic your voice doesn't raise.

  8. What opening would you recommend to learn for 1350s?

  9. Can tell that ment a lot to you cause of that fist pump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great win paul

  10. Very well done mate. So satisfying when you get a pawn mate especially against a very good player. They're never easy to see tbh so well played. You must have thought you were going to lose when he was about to promote but that was a great mate in 2 your found.

  11. Wow that is insane I aspire to be as good as you one day.

  12. Not just a checkmate. I very tricky pawn checkmate. Amazing chess.

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