NEW – ICN Chess Ratings!

We are thrilled to announce the opportunity for uninterrupted rated match play through our NEW ICN & G & T rating system. These ratings will take into consideration many of the same factors of our traditional USCF ratings and apply them to our online chess leagues and events. We will use each players current USCF rating as a benchmark for introducing these new ratings. This is a GAME changer as it allows our players to continue to set short, median and long term goals, have the opportunity to be promoted into more challenging sections and continue to track their chess development and progress during these times!! Once we return to over the board play, we full expect to return to our gold standard USCF ratings…in the meanwhile we could not be more excited to provide uninterrupted rated match play through our ICN & G & T rating system! Remember, players can only move up. If your ICN & G & T rating slips below your USCF rating you will not be demoted to lower section groupings!

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