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  1. Great advice! Analyzing every single game is so critical. I try to play longer time controls to increase my patience and focus. It has the added benefit of focusing my mind for longer periods which then translates into other aspects of my life as well

  2. Sometimes the best chess advice has nothing to do with moving the pieces when you’re trying to improve. All good points, wondered on a few things, now I have a few answers, thanks and keep it up.

  3. Kept putting this video off as it felt super egotistical/ bragging. But I do think it is super important so please watch until the end! πŸ™‚

  4. hey, I really enjoyed this video. It wasn't too deep or nerdy at all. Some great advice here! I joined the discord too.

  5. Awesome message!!
    Hope things are good with you. Are you still travelling around?

  6. Great video!
    But… I disagree on the "don't play blitz". Although I mainly play 10 minute rapid, I find blitz REALLY fun and do sometimes learn from it. Bullet though is basically a video game about how quick you mouse skills are though. So I agree with u on bullet

  7. Awesome job! πŸ”₯ If you love chess please help support my chess videos πŸ’―

  8. super inspiring to see your improvement. Thanks for the vid

  9. I fully agree with the 10 min rapid. Only times I gain rating in Blitz is when I've been playing a lot of rapid in the weeks prior and thus actually improving my chess fundamentals. I never improve my rating when I spam blitz games.

    Also, Ill add Daniel Naroditsky as a top 3 chess youtuber for improvement along with the ones you mentioned

  10. My rating is 400 points higher than before in one week

  11. I love how your channel grew so big in such small time. Hard work definitely pays off!! Cheers! 🍻

  12. I have been losing A LOT of games lately and your video came just in time! πŸ™‚

  13. What Iike about his channel is he comes across as real people. He takes time to message you if you message him and sometimes will invite you to play a game or two. Next video How I got to 2000! Cant wait.

  14. What I like about your video's is that it shows real time improvement and I can watch you go from the beginning to where you are now with your rating. It is very different to see somebody actually improve instead of seeing a GM that is trying to explain how to improve. You put your ass on the line so to say and show your struggle and how emotional and exciting it can get sometimes. I hope you keep posting video's this year and we all can join you on reaching the next level or staying on this level. It doesn't matter it is the improvers like you and Ben that I like to follow because it is great to watch and never boring. Thanks for the upload.

  15. I agree with Ajarn ray's comment below. Thanks for speaking from the heart.

  16. I remember when i was 1200 i used to think 1400s were gods of chess . Now i am a 1000 and am not even concerned about the 1400s.

  17. It's nice to hear someone else put to words the thing about ego. I have had those exact same thoughts aswell. It's easy to get complacent if you're playing significantly below your peak rating. Always give your opponents some respect.

  18. Your point about entitlement is absolutely spot on for me. The lower I dropped, the more I felt I will easily win. Then I got angry that my opponents were playing above their level! The sleep and medication point is also great – is for me that when not collected and calm I'm more inclined to make a mistake, get angry and then blunder!

  19. I heard of your site from your collaboration with Chess Boot Camp yesterday. First video I watch you mention "chess equilibrium" , the idea that when you reach the peak of your current abilities you are winning 50% of your games. I am currently winning over 60%, an indication that I can push harder. I am now a subscriber.

  20. Enjoyed your helpful insights. What you say is very sensible- it follows that the quality of our moves depends on our state of mind.

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