My puzzle rating vs my blitz rating

Made by @Harris Alterman

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  1. Reported because I am in this video and don't like it 😆

  2. How do people have about 1000+ rating gap between puzzles and their actual game? I only have about 200-300 rating gap between my rapid and my puzzle

  3. 1400 bullet, 1600 rapid, 900 blitz lol, 2100 puzzles
    I suck at 3 min blitz

  4. Maybe this slight issue could change if more puzzles focused on winning ideas rather than checkmates

  5. You are aware that lichess provides a superior service?! (It’s free, faster servers, instant pre-moves,…)

  6. got to 3300, so is there an application form for the candidates?

  7. My puzzle rating:
    Magnus Carlsen brain but slow

    Meanwhile my Bullet, Blitz and Rapid rating:
    3 Monkeys competing on who can throw shit the farthest

    Also me when I'm playing against my Uncle:
    The three Monkeys trying their hardest to turn their shit into gold

  8. My puzzle rating is 5100. I can't use that excuse. 😭

  9. I'm stuck 1900 in puzzles, 1300 in the others, can't really get past 2000, pretty unsatisfying

  10. Me in puzzle : 2645 🤷‍♂️
    Also me in blitz n rapid : 😭🤡🤡🤡

  11. Puzzle 2700 blitz bullet and rapid from 1450 to 1650. Wonder how strong chess players don’t have much higher of a puzzle rating

  12. Doing puzzle boosts your chess rating at least 200 points

    I climbed 500 rating in puzzles in lichess, and my rapid rating shot up to 1500

    I stopped puzzles and i came back down to 1300 within a week or two

    It makes such a stark difference it's not even humourous

  13. I've only played two games of rapid so far, but currently I'm 2100 puzzles, 1239 daily (one loss so far), 1027 rapid, 600 blitz, a little under 400 bullet xD

  14. my old account was 370 rapid and 2140 puzzles lmao

  15. Absolutely spot on. 2300 on puzzle, 600 rapid

  16. You guys been listening to my conversations or something?

  17. I am glad I am not the only one with an high puzzle rating, but with a low blitz rating.

  18. I have 1600 rapid 1900 puzzles but don’t do enough puzzles lol

  19. Never have i been so offended by something i 100% agree, im 500 blitz, 2010 in puzzles 😂

  20. But if you are good at puzzles you should be good in the other formats. Well, that's my logic. Any explanation? The pressure while playing, maybe?

  21. And then there's me whos better at rapid (1814) and blitz (1618) but sucks at puzzles (1303)

  22. Szabó Dániel | ألغاز يومية says:

    I feel you 🤣😫

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