My puzzle rating vs my blitz rating

Made by @Harris Alterman

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  1. Szabó Dániel | ألغاز يومية says:

    I feel you 🤣😫

  2. I literally can't understand how these under 1200 players get above 2100 puzzles. I'm 1700 with 2100

  3. 1200 puzzle rating with 1800 Rapid Rating 🔥

  4. I'm around 1000 in rapid and 2300 in puzzles

  5. I have 2200 in puzzle
    And 1600 in blitz

  6. 2400 rating, haha soon IM norm ! (… but 1200 in blitz hum hum…)

  7. Bro I ain’t even 900 in anything. I just crossed 700 elo and I thought I was good lol

  8. That rating is very close to mine i felt attacked. 900ish blitz and 2050is puzzle

  9. i dont even think its possible to hit 2100 puzzles and be 900 i literally got 1800 in blitz when i was stuck at 1600 in puzzles

  10. I seriously need help though.ive literally reached a plateau at this point, just can't go up anymore and sometimes I still go down slowly, My rating is about 1300

  11. I crossed 2900, I'm basically a World Champion 😎

  12. What’s the highest puzzle rating anyone ever has gotten

  13. I have 1800 max in puzzle And 800 in rapid

  14. I thought they stole these statistics from my profile. God thanks no, I am not so high rated in bullet 😅😅

  15. Around 1200 in puzzles and like 800 in rapid

  16. 2850 puzzle rating – 1500 rapid and blitz

  17. just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo truuuuuuueeee lol

  18. Being 2600 rated in puzzles with 1400 blitz 😭😭😭

  19. 2900 puzzles. Magnus just called me to get advice, I know that's the goal he set so I'll help him.

  20. Bruh I just hit 32 in 5 min puzzle rush and also 1k in bullet 🥺

  21. True, I have 1200 in rapid, but 1800 in puzzles.

  22. I’m rated 800 in blitz and reaching for 2100 in puzzles myself

  23. That is absolutely relatable, my Rapid rating is 1500, blitz and bullet is 1100 since i dont focus from the 2 fastest time controls, and almost 1700 in puzzles improving kinda well.

  24. SAME I have a 1650 puzzles rating and 850 rapid and bullet, and 760 blitz

  25. Shit man my rapid is only 800 but my puzzles is +1000

  26. 2200 puzzles🤣 1200 everything else.. bullet 1300:)) but still xd the puzzle rating do be funny

  27. My puzzle rating is above 1900, the other ratings we don't talk about, below 1000 lol

  28. One huge difference between puzzles and gameplay is expectation. When you are doing puzzles, you are actively looking for tactics and calculations. When you are playing normally, you are probably not trying to find a long winning combination after every move because of time and a desire to not dry your braincells.

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