Queen’s Gambit: Accepted

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  1. No one cares your washed on fortnite your playing a board game that no one cares about stay out of my recommendation. Blocked.

  2. What is that variation after Nc3? Apparently it's the most played move on lichess. Yet I have never seen it.

  3. GG Bobby, very impressive, also GG for a brilliant pin of shame, looking forward to IM norm vlog in some months time lol

  4. Things to start in 2022:

    – Reading at least 5-10 pages of a (e)book

    – Quiting drugs/alcohol (you don't need that bs)

    – meditating

    – Giving to the less fortunates

    – cutting out bad friends & family

    – minimalism

    – Learning a (remote) skill (coding, music, designing, marketing)

    [Screenshot this, atleast try it & any questions? I'm open for answering it]…………………….

  5. He's beginning to believe, 1800 by end of year for sure

  6. Im guessing you lost that next game πŸ™

  7. Isn’t reading chat mid game kinda cheating?

  8. I mean, my opinion doesn't count but says:

    brilliant moves are now required to have a sacrifice which leads to a better position

  9. I was there live and I remember thinking that this was a good game and will probebly become a video

  10. Im a really good IM i can train you for free if you want just lmk

  11. your content has helped me to reach 1250 in bullet and im so grateful <3

  12. Ah yes, I can’t tell at all what the blurred out number is

  13. Love it Bobby, sad I missed the stream today πŸ™

  14. Did you know Herbert Hoover spoke mandarin chinese?

  15. my highest rating was 1394 but it drop back to 1372 maybe I should study more tactics 30minute per day and review some of the strategy then I can break down 1400 rating wish me luck

    Edit: rn I just break 1400 yay I'm so happy now I consider my self a good player that can punished my opponent

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