Queen’s Gambit: Accepted

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  1. For the pinend comment: Yeah he washed on fornite and is playing chess. Guess it's better than your father washing out of your life for you being a mistake.

  2. imagine imagining imagine in chess imagination.

  3. 4:50 how are you 1600 rating, but you cant find easy mate in 2 or winning a rook?
    edit: oh sorry, you found it xd

  4. “1600 is not that good”
    “Oh my bad, I must’ve gotten confused I guess”
    Had me rolling 😂😭

  5. Bobby, heart felt message Incoming. I’ve been watching you since fortnite prime. Love the fortnite content. But since you’ve been playing chess I’ve watched all your chess videos. Like one of my favorites Is the englund gambit. You’re doing awesome dude and I love the chess content. I support whatever you decide to do because I feel you’re an awesome content creator. Much love brotha.

  6. can I ask you a question as a advanced player how much time should I spent time on tactics

  7. i recently reached 1400 with accuracy of 94.6

  8. i was watching stream (rip the rc7+ mate thing)

  9. weird that you read chat during games and they're giving you moves. Cheating, no?

  10. Bobby highest rating on rapid is 1594?? Well,i'm your subscriber but has 1600 rating on rapid😀😀

  11. probab tell peaople in chatnot to tell the moves

  12. You're just a 1588? Noooo with you're cool trix & solid techniques you shouldn't be rated an less then 18 or 1900.

  13. Moved his knight to do the checkmate
    Completely forgets to do the checkmate

  14. bobby i first watched you a year ago you were like 1300-1500 and i was a mere, weak 700 and now im above your elo almost 200 points

  15. My highest rating ever is 1397 and its my current rating

  16. Waiting for bobby vs Indonesia, Cant wait to play against you.

  17. Whoever told you 1600 is average in the chat really needs to learn statistics. Anyone over 1300 is in the 97th percentile, have some self confidence

  18. This man put me into a mood of studying the semi-Slav after being bored for 2 hrs, he’s a miracle worker

  19. You’re climbing while I’m falling!! I went from 1350+ to 1250 in two weeks! I’ll get it back! Keep going!!

  20. My highest rating in blitz is 999 less elo then u

  21. Kamu belu pernah melawan indonesia dalam catur?

  22. I just watched this video after hitting 900 and now i fell motivated to improve in chess

  23. Bobby, u rly shouldnt watch the chat while playing the game, otherwise the rating u actually have isnt deserved.
    Btw gg

  24. Bobby:Misses Rook C7 but sees it afterwards
    Analysis:0 Missed Wins

    Yeah, Human good, Computer bad

  25. im an 1300 elo player but I had an 96,3 accuracy game

  26. mine was 1533 and now i'm back down to 1250 .-. How? i dunno, but my puzzle rating went up to 2500.. makes even less sense

  27. Being 1600, this helps me feel better about my rating after losing to a 1000

  28. Just watched your livestream today, nb4 is an idea in the QG that i never want to see you fall for again. Love you Bobby.

  29. bruh you're looking at comments while playing? Big L

  30. I saw a checkmate Idk if It was a checkmate but you knew

  31. im 300 and going down lets go baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hey, at 4:52 if you pushed your rook to c7, he would’ve either moved the king to the 8 file, winning you his rook, or he would’ve moved to d6, which from what I can tell would be mate in one by moving your rook to d7.

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