My Highest Chess Rating Ever

My best chess games in blitz while getting to my highest ever rating. I make a lot of chess lessons for beginners, but sometimes it’s fun to play my elo.

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Game 1
9:53 Game 2
15:57 Final Game

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  1. Congrats bro.
    Also great video, loved the energy.

  2. lmao that is some impressive chess

  3. New video idea: Levy exposes himself cheating and gets himself banned

  4. Im starting to think this GothamChess guy is pretty good at chess

  5. am i worth more than a bishop? whooa :0
    btw, thanks, you're cool too Levy <3
    upd: "let me know if you like it" – of course we like it! You're videos are just incredibly good, Levy! Keep it up)
    Вряд ли ты прочтёшь этот коммент, ибо тут уже 1600+ комментариев, но я очень рад за тебя, если честно. Думаю титул гроссмейстера тебя всё ещё ждёт и ты скоро его заслуженно получишь. Все игры в видосе были крутейшими, а шутки и искромётный юмор как всегда на высоте, что говорить..) нет времени на стримы, но стараюсь смотреть все твои крутые видосы

  6. I really enjoyed this type of video. Very informative

  7. Wow man, very instructive. Love your work Batman, congratulations. I don't know if the dislikes are rather guys who dont't like chess or maybe you 😛

  8. Opponent: Your turn
    Gotham: Pass
    Opponent: NANI???????

  9. That game 1 was so crazy good! You have no idea ( actually you do ) how good that king retreat was! xD

  10. The helpless blowgun operationally trip because india systemically join save a stingy cherry. daffy, literate deal

  11. Seeing you play at opponents at your ELO and walking us through it is super informative. I learned a lot from this. Excellent content as always 👌

  12. Gotham could you do some Ruy Lopez, not necessarily speaking in spanish… but it would be nice content ahah

  13. After a long day of work, Gotham Chess goes to his Gotham Nest to take his Gotham Rest. He wakes up feeling his Gotham Best. Then he’ll get Gotham Dressed in his Gotham Vest to go on a Gotham Quest. He goes to church and becomes Gotham Blessed, then to a hotel room to be a Gotham Guest. Then Gotham Next goes to school to take his Gotham Test.

  14. "And somewhere Eric Rosen squeals in delight"

    9:24 Maybe my new strategy when I know I'm going to lose is to anticipate pre-moves and to take advantage of them.

    13:57 I love when Levi makes fun of the computer.

  15. Are you going to try to get your grandmaster title?

  16. Respect for donating to a research organization! That's the most effective long-term decision. And gratz on the rating peak!

  17. "Elo anxiety" sounds so cheesy, but it's so real.

  18. Awesome vid (and story), Levi! Great instructional games, and congrats on the new high Elo!

  19. Chess is such a mind job. I really want to be good at it, but I just not. Lol

  20. I wanted to move to your next video but then i REALISED that i had to like it lmao

  21. While watching this a third child has been stolen, guys… Please don't steal children… Just go adopt one ffs if you want one so bad😡

  22. It was super interesting to hear you talk through your thought process while it was still fresh, would love more videos like this!

  23. 15:05 Hey Levy, I want to say thank you for this, it feels really nice to get a compliment like this one. Love you <3

  24. You beat IM Rod Nava 🇵🇭 on time twice as well. Hope you have a rematch with him in blitz but with increment.

  25. Levy: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got some massive news for you

    Me and everyone else guessing random things

    Levy: No, I did not become a grandmaster

    Me: Well thats the end of this video. Time to see something else

  26. how did some youtubers who make kid games get to 1m?

  27. You are a wonderful person Levy. As are the 2 people who donated. Thank you for being you.

  28. The day Gotham gets gm is the day I actually study endgames

  29. Fan"fu….."tastic kingwalk in the first game!!! Well played!

  30. GothamChess is very respectable and this video is proof, his videos are very detailed and easy to understand for the beginners and relatable for the intermediate players, I really appreciate him playing chess and it has helped me reach 1500 in chess, once again, Thank you

  31. levi this was sweet dude. well done and great work under pressure for the charity lads. great stuff

  32. Levy your analysis videos are so good, not only you are showing us the variations but also you're teaching them.

  33. Wait Levi you have parents that weren't proud of your test results too. At a point I just stopped revising and started playing chess.

  34. lmao is stuck at 100 elo i think it’s safe to say i don’t have elo anxiety

  35. Loved this video. Congrats on your new highest rating!

  36. Was Gotten high in this video he was so excited

  37. Who else audibly laughed when Levy said “ Somewhere, Eric Rosen squeals in delight,” ? That was hilarious.

  38. Here after LEVY crossed 2800 on stream now!!!!

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