My Highest Chess Rating Ever

My best chess games in blitz while getting to my highest ever rating. I make a lot of chess lessons for beginners, but sometimes it’s fun to play my elo.

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Game 1
9:53 Game 2
15:57 Final Game

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  1. the way he talks = he watched the walking dead

  2. i remember first seeing Levy doing casting for coverage of a FIDE event sometime last year or maybe even 2019. he was different, smart, good analysis. cheers for going this far Levy you'll get that chevy one day.

  3. This video is out of date. C'mon Levy get some fresh content geeezzz… 2800!

  4. I think my ears had an orgasm after every high pitched phrase. Love your videos levy <3

  5. "i cant promise that i will get to 2800" my ass

  6. Definitely loved the format of this video, seeing your thought process and analysis after the games like this. Do more!

  7. 15:05 made my day, caught me completely off-guard.

    I think you're worth more than a bishop, too : )

  8. How do I get to play just a single game against you?😩🙏
    I'm 1880 rapid

  9. I've been stuck around 1880 in rapid, even after crossing 1900 in the past

    How do I get better?

  10. Liked because you said I'm worth more than a bishop <3

  11. Beautiful chess and great vid
    This is how I think my games look when I'm playing well (1290 ELO)

  12. i love this guy so much i turn off my ad blocker when watching him

  13. "I'm always suspicious when people are at there peak rank"

  14. Proceeds to get higher rating in the next video…

  15. awesome seeing stuff on your own games, and the honest analysis.

  16. Dude thanks to your videos and lessons I have cracked the 1500 mark. Never thought I would get above 1200 honestly and 1300 was a serious climb I never thought I would achieve. Ceiling is the limit? Screw it, stars are the limit.

  17. do you (other youtubers) add in slotted time for things such as (intro) (game 1) ect. or does youtube do that now?

  18. is anyone else hearing Levi's voice when playing chess right now? little things like "don't snap take" 😂

  19. Levy: Beng! Beng! Beng!
    Andrea: Fist bump brah!

  20. More of these videos please! I love seeing the "why" behind your moves

  21. How did he win at the end of game one couldnt the king just eat the queen

  22. I used to think chess engines cheated off Magnus but now I realize Magnus cheats off levy

  23. I absolutely love Levy and Eric. Very helpful and instructive, while also being entertaining.

    Keep up the good work, my friend. And yay for all the donations to charity!

  24. yeaa but you lost by, Old athlete and made him lose his account.

  25. but still lose to an old guy tho…. see..thoose are just numbers

  26. @13:11 I was literally thinking Qb4! I got smacked by GothamChess and came to my senses. LOL

  27. Levy going over his own games are probably my favorite videos

  28. Haha @gothamchess you were in rare form for this video. Good entertainment 😅

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