My Highest Chess Rating Ever

My best chess games in blitz while getting to my highest ever rating. I make a lot of chess lessons for beginners, but sometimes it’s fun to play my elo.

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Game 1
9:53 Game 2
15:57 Final Game

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  1. I love that you chose pancreatic CA research! I am dealing with chronic pancreatitis (have been off work sick for 14 months straight), which puts me at a high risk for pancreatic cancer. Thank you, Levy! Thank you, benevolent donators! 💙

  2. Why are there so many dislikes on this video?

  3. Guys climbing like crazy, such a fantastic content maker

  4. can u guess my elo? i am a twitch follower for u… 🙂

  5. I am too old play chess, can I get ELO RATING?

  6. as a 400 player the pro strategy is to hang all your pieces and somehow stalemate will always happen

  7. He really did a manual castle. Never thought I’d see that.

  8. Levy: "I went down to 2500 and was very frustrated"

    Me, who went to 1000 blitz but came crashing down to 635:


  9. hi I follow all Ur videos on youtube Ur an excellent player and fabulous teacher as well.

    I never got an opportunity to have a professional training and guidance in chess I am a self learned player and also very actively teaching my 4 yr old daughter hope fully she will be a good player some day.

  10. The analysing on your computer part is so true. I started really playing chess like a month ago and managed to finally beat someone rated 1,600+ (don't really know his rating, we played in the real world XD). I was so damn happy, but after putting the game in the computer, I really wonder…what happened? What did I do? Why did I win? Now I rather feel ashamed.

  11. Levi about to checkmate someone and stopping to say I’m amazing, made my day.

  12. How does anyone dislike this guy? He's AWESOME

  13. Levy, if I'm amazin' for just watching, what does that make you, for playin' & WINNING ? Hey respect ?

  14. Me: mom, I need castle
    Mom: son, we already have castle at home
    Castle at home: 4:57

  15. So when we attack should we take the queen or not?! 🤣😂 in the very next move

  16. Excellent exposition of the first game, clear and incisive.

  17. It keeps going and going… to be so good

  18. Why would anyone give this video a thumbs down? I learned so much and now have a greater appreciation for Levy.

  19. Imagine our lifes with out levy , hope he can see this big love from algeria

  20. Levi said I am worth more than a Bishop

    Never was someone so Kind to me 😭

  21. Gotham: "I'm not going to be a GM"
    Also Gotham: reaches highest Elo ever

  22. Typical player: Oh no, his queen is getting close, bette run!
    Gotham: COUNTERCHARGE!!!

  23. Was 15:05 the first time Levy told that we are worth more than something?

  24. i watched the whole video without skipping, and the man was too wholesome on many occasions, this is why paying attention is good for you sometimes

  25. but could levi not go c5 in 13:42 instead of trading queens bc after Pc5,Qb3,Pxd6+ he would probably take the pawn and then u would take the queen back now ur up a knight for a pawn

    Edit: it is almost the same thing as what happend in teh game but if he did it this way he would had more active pieces

  26. That First game was brilliant ♥️♥️♥️It maybe one of the best games for learning chess.

  27. Report that man!No human would think of walking his king like that! 😁

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