My Highest Rating EVER!

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My highest chess rating of all time. 2800 club.

0:00 Intro
0:47 Game 1
5:11 Game 2
11:23 Game 3
17:54 Final Game

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  1. Stop at exact 13:58 and see his face 😂😂 ( no offence but a funny moment)

  2. Why are there 33K dislikes on this lol what the heck

  3. why the dislikes this isn't even a bad video

  4. You've analyzed so many games, you really did become a much better player. Так держать.

  5. Why does this video have 33k dislikes? Am I missing something?

  6. how the fuck did 33,000 people see this man achieve a dream and went yea this sucks

  7. Meanwhile I’ve lost my last ten games and am low 900s 😦

  8. GGs Levi, thanks for the commentary and letting us watch!

  9. Whats this like-dislike ratio my god..what?!

  10. Hum why does this video have so many dislikes?

  11. First time I heard bad swearie off Gotham.

  12. Sorry ? Why this video has so many dislikes ? Is that for russian joke he made ?

  13. Levy: hangs a rook
    Opponent: also hangs a rook
    Levy: 👁👄👁

  14. Idk man your channel may be my favorite chess channel

  15. why does this video have so many dislikes? Did i miss something?

  16. Why there are more dislikes than likes?

  17. “I’ve been playing good chess lately I don’t know what’s going on” is me when I win a single game

  18. The discreet arithmetic scientifically note because manager contextually muddle barring a undesirable mom. mellow, useless process

  19. wait you say put my knight or poop my knight?

  20. How come his commenters are always trying to get him to hang his queen lmao

  21. I'm not sure what you're saying but it sure sounds fancy.

    My favorite opening move is the Reverse Hopscotch Jack o'Lantern Lithuanian Harry Potter that opens my side up for a checkmate on turn 2. I've lost a lot of games.

  22. 18:53, can't Levy take the bishop on e6 with his rook, because if the opponent retook with the pawn, he would be able to take it and fork with the knight on g5? Free real estate??

  23. I wonder why Levi is not a Grand Master…

  24. if anyone wants to know, the dislikes are because levy exposed an Indonesian cheater and people from Indonesia started hating on him

  25. I like how he is ranked #409 in the world, but #5 amongst his friends! Powerful friends! We know who they are!

  26. After that Christmas Tree Variation, I'm kinda looking forward to Thanksgiving Turkey Variation now..

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