My FAVORITE Chess Openings by Rating

I get many questions about chess openings for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level players. In this video I share what openings I think work best across the rating ladder. London, Stonewall, Sicilian, Caro Kann, and many others are featured.

0:00 Intro
13:29 FOR ADVANCED (LIKE 1800+)

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  1. My only issue with the begging is that they almost always move the pawn to where you can eat the bishop on the second move you did on the first tactic

  2. kings indian is my go to vs d4. cant believe its so obvious how to play for e4 lol

  3. My favorite opening with white is the scotch opening. Why didn't you mention it or did I just miss it?

  4. I play caro-kann and I am your subscriber

  5. Best Thumbnail by Gotham, and I am NOT kidding. 😁

  6. But in Dutch defence bishop c4 is really annoying according to me.

  7. Have any of you won a game with the St. George Defense??


  8. Damn, I start feeling good about myself for having worked my way up from 500 to 950, and then it turns out 950 is still beginner level lol.

  9. Teaches openings to around 1000 people over years
    Also teaches openings to over 1.5 million people in 1 video


  10. Meh these openings net me more losses at 750 elo than I was getting before I tried these 'solid openings' like im not good but these seem so exploitable.

  11. It's funny, I just watched Jan Gustafsson's video on openings for beginners and he said pretty much the opposite… Don't care for gambits, don't play the Vienna, stuff like that 😀

  12. Someone really tried to fry my liver so I spanked their danish with my traxler.

  13. What's wrong with the thumbnail
    It's ridiculous 🤣🤣😂😂

  14. Beginner: up to 1200
    I'm still trying to crack 800

  15. Who needs to play the London system while you can jump to the nimzo-indian with a book and a computer at your side?

  16. What is the reason you're not playing 2. d6 in the dragon? What happens if white pushes that d-pawn? Thanks!

  17. What does Levi think of the Bird's opening

  18. Thank you so much for these videos! My first try doing the indian game, I won against a 1300 bot with 0 blunders and 0 mistakes!

  19. I always resign when i play black because i'm sure i would lose😭 and i win 80% as white i am 1600 elo

  20. I always resign when i play black because i'm sure i would lose😭 and i win 80% as white i am 1600 elo

  21. I do have trouble holding my position when people play the king's indian setup against my 1.e4. So how do you have a video on the theory behind it as white?

  22. jkfjsfaugueyfhsdfjfafajjguigauevnvlköhian says:


  23. I'm a beginner too. The first two openings I've learnt after a quick internet enquiry are White: Ruy Lopez (wrong choice, very complicated but many chess sites say it's good for beginners, which it's not), and Black: French (very good choice, solid, simple to learn and you avoid all the weird opening nonsense such as Fried Liver, etc.).

  24. Fantastic video. You have the rare ability to be able to convey ideas clearly. There are so many great players out there, but only a handful can convert their knowledge and skill to something meaningful to the layman or lesser player. Many thanks. I now see ideas.

  25. You should make videos with openings that are really really hard to understand and long so you will get a lot of views from everyone who tries to understand 😀

  26. Excellent overview and advice. I love your vids. You are one of the best chess instructors on YouTube, if not the best.

  27. I want to challenge you My account is Chris7–M. I am 6 years old.

  28. Me: does London system
    Opponent: BISHOP TO B4

  29. i used to like playing chess, thanks to you i love it. You're just amazing at what you do, thumbs up friend

  30. Thanks for this video. Just by trying some of the new openings that you suggested for beginners, I was able to win some games right away.

  31. Might be your best video. Just outstanding. Thanks!

  32. May our Heavenly Father Bless us all, accept our Lord Jesus soon as your personal savior soon…no pressure hehe

  33. For black I will just stick with Owens defence, pawn b6

  34. I have advantage cuz I watch GothamChess🔥💪🏻🤣

  35. I was surprised why my opponents playing Vienna, now get it.

  36. thanks Gotham, this video really helped me improve with the black pieces and helped me win some games.

  37. I struggle to apply these stock openings, as it depends so much on what the opponent plays too… I’ll start with D4 and suddenly I’m faced with E5 and F6. Is it just a case of trying your best to stick to that, but rolling with the punches?

  38. Levy, you are such a legend these openings have helped me so much in the past year

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