My Chess Journey and Current Chess Rating

I wanted to make this important video so you know more about me and my chess journey before my first tournament in 4 years!

My ratings:
FIDE (Global):
Canada (National):
Quebec, Canada:

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  1. Hi Zach. You are much much stronger than your rating! … Good luck, and work hard at the board (find at least 3 candidate moves at every move), and play your dynamic, attacking style — and then you will be very hard to beat ! … Looking forward to your videos about the games. … All the best wishes from Mike, and the Ithaca Chess Club in New York.

  2. Im just straight up hyped for you! Its kinda the same for me stopped playing due to covid officially but kept playing and studying online. If you do come to a tournament in Germany i will for sure be back at the board as well and take a little winners picture with you afterwarts 🙂
    All jokes aside i wish you good luck! And dont the suffer the high temptation of weed in Amsterdam my friend.

  3. "Because the idea of me going back to Chess is to broadcast my failures, my successes, [and] my triumphs to you." (9:10)

    Personally, I think a better idea would be to broadcast your successes and pretend that your failures never happened.

  4. Frank got competition now it's a race to who gets to GM first. Honestly it's not looking good for you Zack. But good luck still ❤.

  5. All the best Zach for your tournament❤️btw wish my luck boys cuz I’m playing a provincial tournament in 3 days❤️

  6. I thought that only New Brunswick is bilingual. Zach, you sound pretty much american. Btw, you had a really great journey since 5 years old. Good job. Love your channel!

  7. Thanks for the amazing video sharing all of your chess carrier per say. I wish you nothing but the best on your trip to Europe and as a Portuguese myself hope you enjoy it as much as I do living here. I wont be going to Maia because of some trips I will be making abroad but hope you have a very nice experience

  8. Cool! Hope you win the tournament or at least get your rating up!

  9. I rarely comment but i wanna say that i am currently 14 and I started chess because of you and im now 1100 elo. I am also a québecois and I hope that you continue to love chess❤❤

  10. 9:069:18 was touching. Mostly starting from 9:14. I wish there was a cool soundtrack playing underneath that would have made me cry.

  11. most of all I like your enthusiasm. wish you all the best in upcoming tournament!

  12. Stating only what's obvious… You're gonna get all of the experience under the belt that you can handle before it's over! (Incidentally, the recent global explosion of the popularity of chess is primarily due to the pandemic… People staying at home and exploring the internet inevitably discovered the most amazing way to kill time ever devised my man?)

  13. Goodluck Zack u inspire me to play chess :>>

  14. Very exciting and love your story. The enthusiasm you bring is contagious and can’t wait to see how the journey goes with your move.

  15. I hope to be a grandmaster in future im 13 yrs old and 1600 to 1800 rated

  16. I am from Montréal too and it’s so inspiring to see you stream and play. I had stopped playing chess for 2 years and seeing your videos made me want to restart playing. I then went from 2000 to 2200 elo and I want to say thank you Zach. Tu es un très bon joueur et sûrement un futur GM!

  17. All the best chess experts.. go get it.. 🎉

  18. Pleasee do vlogs on your travels !!!

  19. Great story man! My dad taught me chess and my mom taught him chess. Lol

  20. You have your special way in challenging; therefore, you are almost there.

  21. I just realized I have been watching you for a while and just saw that you have 150 thousand subs! Keep up the great work!

  22. Neat journey. Thanks for sharing.

    I started trying to learn chess at the age of 30.

    I began trying to take it very seriously by 35.

    Now at 40, I'm considering giving the game up. 🙁 I've taken it so seriously to the point that it has become more negative than positive for me. Progress has halted. I can't fix my mistakes and blunders. Mix that with being overly critical of myself by nature…and it makes for a deadly combination of negative thoughts and feelings.

    I began making my own chess videos on my channel if interested. It was my feeble attempt at trying to play more thoughtful chess with a purpose.

    I really do celebrate others successes tho. Wish you the most of luck in your overseas travels and games 👍

  23. I like a lot see you play competitive chess with all the explanations!Good luck for your tounament in Portugal!This gonna be great for you and for us also!!

  24. Mate, just a warning.

    They're going to restart the pandemic beggining of September – November FYI

  25. I'll be rooting for ya. Best of luck to you. I suppose if you do well, would an International Master title be in the cards for you?
    Seems like a great next milestone to achieve. Thanks for sharing your story.

  26. Great journey and performance! If I may ask how do you want to become pro with a blitz rating of about 2200, because I know this is pretty impressive but far from real professional level.

  27. Omg, why am I just watching this video now?? You’re gonna be participating in the Maia Chess Open? I am too! I’ve been watching you since 2021, the video that made me a subscriber was “beat me at chess win 400$”. This will be my first fide tournament and I can’t believe you’ll be there, do you think I could get a picture with you?

  28. Hey chess nerd, I'm new to the channel and really enjoy your content. I am also the only person in my family who plays chess, and I hope to grow and learn more on this exciting journey! 🎉

    I started watching your videos this summer and you're one of the top 3 chess Youtubers that I view consistently, your content is very helpfull.

    Great video as always and I can't wait for more inspirational content! 💙

  29. Can't wait to watch the videos, best of luck zach

  30. Awesome! Cant wait to see more out of you dude! Congrats on everything!

  31. As someone who got into chess earlier this year and is still studying in university, all the best to you! It's been great watching your content and it's inspiring to hear you chase your passion!

  32. Dirty chess tricks / youtube for you

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