Trying to hit 3000 in bullet chess. Can I do it vs. Salem Saleh, AKA ArabicFalcon?

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  1. This might be answered already but how do I stop pawn pushes, or at least defend against it? I'm a KID player and would also play the same setup for white. I find it very problematic once the opponent starts attacking the kingside with a barrage of pawns. Any way to defend?

  2. How to quickly and systematically way to analyse an endgame? I often have like +2 in Endgame and manage to blunder it

  3. what's your glasses brand looks dope like harry potter's

  4. Man that cam invest was totally worth it. Levy HQ+ 🤓🚀


  6. Question, is rook, knight and pawn vs Queen and pawn a draw in endgame?

  7. These games are so slow, Levy. Pick up the PACE. I had to watch this at 2x speed to get the speed of chess that I'm used to. 😉

  8. Ratings doesn’t matter anymore. All human sux in chess. My phone plays chess better then you, hikaru and magnus all together. Call all other players of the planet my phone will still beat all of you. Human Chess must become a form of art valued by judges, with score system for great beautiful games and life time ban for boring games and forcing a draw

  9. what opening do you find the most FUN not best but most FUN

  10. Whats more important in high level chess, surprise factor or being solid with your openings?

  11. Hi Levy, congrats on the all-time high rating. No idea how you guys play with such speed! I’d like to see a video, or even a series, on general endgame tips and technique with examples, perhaps with ideas for different rating levels. By general I mean ideally not the standard positions and drills.

  12. I hit my all time highest rating on yesterday, 1504. Maybe i can make 2000 by the time im 70.

  13. Question: Is there a scenario where promoting a pawn to a bishop is the only winning move in an endgame?
    Love the channel by the way, favourite one on Youtube 👑

  14. GAME: rewinding chess. I don't know if it already exists. You start with a draw game, and start moving backwards your enemies pieces and you can even bring back captured pieces. The first putting every enemy piece in the initial position WINS. (If the one doing the first back move skips a forced mate, loses immediately).

  15. [Event "Bavagaru vs. shreyu31981"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2020-11-04"]
    [White "Bavagaru"]
    [Black "shreyu31981"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [WhiteElo "930"]
    [BlackElo "943"]
    [TimeControl "standard"]
    [Termination "shreyu31981 won by checkmate"]
    1. d4 d5 2. e3 Bf5 3. Bd3 Bxd3 4. Qxd3 c5 5. Qb5+ Qd7 6. Qxd7+ Nxd7 7. Nc3 cxd4 8. Nxd5 dxe3 9. Bxe3 Rc8 10. O-O-O e6 11. Nc3 a6 12. Na4 g6 13. Bd4 Ngf6 14. Bxf6 Nxf6 15. Nf3 Bh6+ 16. Kb1 O-O 17. h4 Ne4 18. Rhf1 Rcd8 19. Rxd8 Rxd8 20. b3 Bg7 21. Ng5 Nxf2 22. Rxf2 Rd1# 0-1

  16. What books should I read as a person who has a chess rating of 1600? Nice videos though 🙂

  17. Thanks for all your content, you got me back into chess!

  18. Question: How would you recommend improving in positional or strategic play for long term plans rather than immediate tactics? I've heard for openings like the catalan for example that you shouldn't play them until you're good at positional play but would trying those openings out work as practice or is there another method you can recommend to improve it like how puzzles improve tactics?

    Thank you very much in advance for the q&a and game analyses and congrats on 3000!

  19. I need to get a 3090 and 360hz monitor to be able to see all the moves…

  20. Will you push for the Grandmaster title ??
    Also what maximum rating can one expect if one starts playing seriously at 16?

  21. Hi Gothamchess, just started recently playing chess, I am at more or less 1000 elo on You recommend taking 1 opening and learning it really good, practice various openings against a little bit to know more or less what they are about. Practicising one for white really good and with black just the mainlines? Or dont waste time with openings at all at that level and focus only on endgame and middlegame? Asking because the opening theory stuff is probably the least fun part of the whole gamr.

  22. What's the single greatest chess resource for new players to get better quickly?

  23. I genuinely felt seasick after this… Well done 🙂

  24. damn your bullet rating is now almost as good as your wardrobe..

  25. Would coke or meth help improve your speed and accuracy in hyper bullet?

  26. What do you do in the King’s Indian if white immediately takes the center and then attacks your Knight?
    Thank you for the great content as always!

  27. What was the craziest tactic ever found in a game? (Your discretion on what crazy means)

  28. I am a total beginner what is the best way of improving: player Vs player, player Vs computer, puzzles, videos etc? What combination works best in your opinion?

  29. Question: what are some quick and basic pawn rules for beginners/intermediates? I feel like I never know when the right time is to push my pawns

  30. Question: Can you improve in normal games if you do a bunch of puzzles in chess dot com? Thanks

  31. If u have options on your mic. adjust the gate option lol. It has a super quick attack and release. Sounds flunky

  32. What is the best way to train middle games?

  33. Question: How do I play against douches who bring out their queen early??

  34. question: what's the best opening moves for beginners to learn first? (for black or white)

  35. Hi Levy, I would like to find out more about danger levels since you mention it from time to time and how to play quiet systems in The Réti and The Pirc Defence. Thank you!

  36. Question: What is the best method to learn new openings? I find myself falling back into what I'm comfortable with and not expanding.

  37. Question what is the best way to increase my ability at chess and do you have any tips or advice for intermediate players who want to become better

  38. Question: usually when I play rapid, I blitz most of my moves because "im too" lazy to calculate farther than 4 moves ahead, how to overcome that?

  39. Question: I fluctuate between 2050 and 2200 in bullet and blitz. I haven't had a coach so I don't have any directionality in my personal play but in general, how would you rank the importance of knowledge in opening, endgame, defense, tactics, and other chess themes at this level? Much appreciated and I love your videos

  40. Question: I'm 1200 in rating and lose about 40% of my games, what should i do to improve? Every time I lose i don't feel like playing again for a while

  41. my uncle keeps destroying me with his knights, how do i stop him?

  42. I think it would be better to play a game without such a time crunch. Wouldn’t that be a better indicator of who’s better. Playing fast like this is more about who’s the quicker thinker. Not who’s actually better at chess. I know there’s value in thinking quickly. But still.

  43. Question : How to get better at openings?

  44. As a begginer which wants to improve in classic chess match (by this I mean 5 or 10 minutes per player) so I can have more time to think about good moves. Questions: Will playing blitz or bullet negatively effect my classic chess gameplay and learn me bad habit to make move and then think? And also the more important question for me I would say: Will just playing chess have some big impact on my skill improving because I do not find myself watching chess guides for 3 hours straight but have no problem with watching some guide and then non stop playing, in simple one sentence: How you suggest to improve for a new player which wants to become better player and want to invest a lot of time in it? 🙂

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