Trying to hit 3000 in bullet chess. Can I do it vs. Salem Saleh, AKA ArabicFalcon?

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  1. I'm getting stressed Just from watching

  2. How come I play better against 1800-2000 rated players in rapid but struggle against 1500-1700

  3. They played a Hyper bullet game better than our rapid chess games with 10 minute time controls.

  4. Hyper bullet moves so fast you need an epilepsy warning on the timer

  5. I loved the French Opening video. My question is–are ratings inflated. I played chess tournaments in the New England area in the 70's and hung out the Marshall Chess club in Manhattan. I had a rating of around 1980 (USCF). I played a few players at my university recently who were rated in the 2000's, and I feel like in the 70's they would have been rated around 14-1500. I recently just started playing for the time in 35 years because my son and few others want me to teach them.

  6. What should my first move be after setting up the the London system as white?

  7. Pls do a all Stanford gambit vid

  8. Video request: when or not to push the pawns in front of a castled king?

  9. wow, a Botez gambit: declined and a reverse Botez gambit: declined within three moves. never seen that before, i gotta say

  10. Q: How to improve accuracy in what you call ‘scanning the board’. What are the things we should be looking for? Is there a checklist beyond ‘checks, captures, attacks’?

  11. Q: Should i move E pawn or D pawn on my first move or should i move my knight first

  12. You mention en passant, could you try to explain the rules behind it and it’s usefulness?

  13. What if the white knight was covering the white king because of the pin by the black rook, my question is, is it still a check on the black king by the white knight because it is pin and if white knight takes black king black rook takes white king hehe

  14. Well its just that he has a good gaming chair!!

  15. It is hard to know which move is a premove and which isn't

  16. You are strong i want to see you against firozija

  17. Question from a 1400: how do you study a specific opening, develope general knowledge of different variations theory?

  18. Question: how do you improve your chess rating if you have been busy at school or at work and you play chess on ypur free time

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  20. Hey Gotham, I have been watching your videos for a few months now since I got to college and I got back into chess. I started when I was kid, not super intensively but I played in a few school tournaments. I have started studying more and doing a lot more puzzles. Despite this, I can't seem to get my game rating up. I am at about 750 in Rapid but I am at about 1100 in puzzles on How do you suggest I go forward? I have started studying openings with MCO and trying to implement some main lines into my repertoire but I think my middle game might be weak.

  21. Question: are you gonna try to become a gm in the future or are you happy with what you have. Love from Italy 🇮🇹

  22. My moto for bullet is do anything but get checkmated and win on time

  23. My chess question: WHY DID THE REAL NAME OF THE PIECES CHANGED .eg elephant–bishop

  24. What's a point of this 1 min games? Does not look fun.

  25. Levy's concentration face looks like the kind of face he'd make if he dropped his phone in the toilet

  26. I subbed for this vid. Congratulations. Go get your GM title. I believe.


  28. Respect to your opponent to willingly drop from 3100 to below 3000 just for this video

  29. Question: How do you craft a plan for the middle game and know what side or part of the board/opponents structure to attack?

  30. Question: How many openings should I prepare and how do I know which ones to select? ~1750 elo

  31. Question: Favorite rare opening position?

  32. Question: How do you know if trading is in you advantage or not?

  33. Question: What's the stupidest opening you have made against someone important?

  34. Question: When should you castle queen side or king side?

  35. question: how to get better at chess efficiently?

  36. Question: Is the bishop pair as powerful as a knight and rook?

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