Magnus Carlsen rates opponent players (Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura, Alireza) | FTX Crypto Cup


  1. Entertaining? Lets be honest, no one. Maybe Hikaru on his YT.

  2. I'm quite amused by his ranking himself as most entertaining. That is indeed entertaining

  3. Magnus: knows like 15 moves deep into any opening known to man
    Also Magnus: doesn’t know how to spell the name of his world chess championship opponent

  4. Wow I didn't realise Giri is only 2 years older than me. What am I doing with my life?!😂

  5. the annoying category simply means, who is the hardest to play against, so in other words he ranks nakamura the best of his opponents

  6. "At least on a computer screen" lmfao we all know why he said that

  7. What about wesley so..he got beaten several times by wesley..hehe

  8. Couldve put daniil dubov in the "entertaining" spot 👁💋👁

  9. genius : carlsen
    ent : nakamura
    fin : giri
    qui : mvl
    enno : radjabov ( but ı love him so much) ı said radja because he is so solid. bearly mistakes strong calculating.

  10. nakamura hahahahahahahaha anuong ahahahahaha amoyus ahahahah

  11. Carlsen: Nakamura is genius.
    Also Carlsen: I'll play next WC if Alireza makes it to the finals.

  12. Why they have to do Hikaru like that at the end lmao

    "Nepo: Genius!
    Giri: Finesse!
    Alireza: Quickest!
    Hikaru: annoying."

  13. Magnus is hands down most annoying in hard to beat. Fucker has been chess world champion for as long as I know about the concept of chess world Championship


  15. What is the mousepointer doing on the screen?

  16. I was born the same year as Firouja, and I’m just jealous lol

  17. Pretty good but don't forget vishy is also extremely fast and if you say online. Andrew has extreme speed

  18. They clearly had a resilient category and Magnus said “Can we change this to annoying?”

  19. I can't look away from the mouse cursor in the bottom middle of the screen lmao

  20. "Genius? Nepo. I can't even spell his name…"

  21. Dude is old news. Got worked by a 17 year old prodigy

  22. Of course the thumbnail shows "Annoying: Nakamura" 😂😂

  23. Magnus is definitely not the most entertaining player.
    I put dubov there. Magnus too solid player.

  24. Carlsen be like i can accept someone being more brilliant than me but i draw the line at being funny

  25. The best part is the cursor still on the screen

  26. I thinks dubov is the most entertaining player, the quickest is without a doubt MVL.

  27. Magnus, prophetically knowing he will defeat Nepo, is secretly hoping Hikaru decides to go for world championship and plays him in made for prime time tournament.

  28. In definitive, the quickest was Maxime Vachier-Lagrave a.k.a. "la fusée" ("the rocket"), closely followed by Alireza. So Magnus was almost right.

  29. Nakamura is just annoying and has a horrible character. He managed to start a fight with Eric Hansen, there are a lot of videos of him being a plain asshole on tournaments, etc., etc. Arrogant, sore loser.

  30. Annoying : nakamura

    Umm…he criezzz alot🤣

  31. Leaving the mouse cursor right in the video. Interesting avant garde notion.

  32. Glad to see the world champion p recalculating his rivals traits.

  33. carlsen: annoying would be nakamura
    nakamura: and I took that personally

  34. 1 year ago: quickest alireza- candidates this year alireza is the slowest candidate.
    1 year ago: genius nepomniatchi – candidates this year "back to his true self, playing poor moves quickly"~carlsen

  35. I like how Magnus tried to write Nepo's name but pretty quikly resigned

  36. Quickest – Alireza. At the same time almost in all candidates 2022 games was out of time.

  37. For genius I was waiting for Carlsen to say "me, 4 years ago".😎

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