Magnus Carlsen rates opponent players (Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura, Alireza) | FTX Crypto Cup


  1. Quickest alireza? Come on man everyone knows who’s is the quickest player in the chess and that’s none rather than hikaru

  2. We need to understand Magnus' psychology. He's the greatest player thus far and he knows it as well. It angers him however that the public does not view him as they do Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer, Botvinnik, Capablanca, Alekhine etc. When people talk about them, there is an air of respect and awe. But with GM Carlsen, there's a lot of indignation and haters. People just want to see him dethroned even.

    This is what Magnus is chasing, to be recognized as a super genius. So obviously when you ask who he thinks is a genius he will answer GM Nepo.

    He wants to be popular too, so he would answer entertaining: as himself. That saddens him. That he isn't loved.

    People should give him a break. Imagine if he weren't around, who would be world champ. I'm not gonna point it out simply but darn he's annoying.

  3. After fide 2022, Who can say alireza is quickest 😂😂

  4. People missing why Nakamura is ranked as most annoying, he is not annoying to Carlsen because he is toxic but because he is "good at finding defensive resources in worse positions

  5. After 1yr, I can say that Alireza is not the quickest.Ian Nepomniachtchi is the quickest.proved in candidates 2022.

  6. Well if he can choose out players including him then why bother asking?
    Just write "Magnus" in all the categories except Quickest maybe.

  7. Nakamura really is a genius. And a tough opponent for real.

  8. The world championship match should Magnus & Nakamura.

  9. The quickest and most annoying is definitely Nakamura

  10. I had expected him to put nakamura in entertaining catagory but wow when it came down to annoying i knew it, its going to be naka, toatally worth it but I still think naka brings lots of entertainment to chess world both in and out the board

  11. Wym no rules to pick yourself. It says opponent players man

  12. Hikaru is not only decent, he's also annoying x'D

  13. For Genius he could have put himself (he chose untertaining)

  14. That mouse pointer was messing with my head

  15. NEPO… and it was in this position that Magnus Carlsen resigned the name

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  17. Anyone know that the music playing to this is? I love it

  18. Strongest. Mike Tyson. Has the Boxer played at least one game of Chess?

  19. I agree with the quickest one.,.ali reza has superior observation and calculation

  20. Hikaru is so cool tho not annoying D:
    If this was done again you woulda wrote Hans we all know it

  21. Funny how Hikaru calls Magnus “Magnus”, but Magnus calls Hikaru “Nakamura”. Hopefully that made sense 😂

  22. Bit disappointing he picked himself in the entertainment category. Dubov is who I woulda picked.

  23. FTX crypto brought to you by Enron, Amway, and a friend of ours. V

  24. Magnus sounds sarcastic when explaining on ali "….. at least on computer screen" . We all still remember when ali lose twice on time against magnus, then after that he hit the table lmao.

  25. Mc seeing himself as entertaining was the best joke ever.

  26. If magnus had included himself…then Ian is not a genius…magnus is the genius
    Magnus is annoying also to every other player

  27. Nice! I did not see the rundown because of all the "watch this next" ads 🙁 I mean I could check, but my memory is not as good as Magnus and will just leave instead.

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