Magnus Carlsen ranks Vishy Anand

Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen rates 14th World Champion Viswanathan Anand on Genius, Entertainment, Influence and Sanity!

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  1. Magnus ranks Anand second highest in genius category, behind only Kasparov

  2. I think he deserved a 10 for influence personally

  3. This dude gives Fischer 7 in genius but Anand 9. Ok bro.

  4. Cmon my Indian friends, they obviously meant influence over chess theory. Anand is obviously a huge influence in India’s chess world, a solid 10/10 there. Magnus even acknowledges it.

  5. Influence into play his line : not so muchInfluence to play chess : no 1

  6. Magnus is fair. He’s a decent person and World Champion.

  7. His influence is an absolute 10. The way he inspired a whole country to take up it's indegenious sport.

  8. If Sachin can get Bharat Ratna for cricket.. Vishi can get it for ChessShows how cricket has shadowed other sports in India

  9. Guys remember: Magnus is ranking every category in terms of chess and chess only. Here influence isn't the influence he had to inspire Indian GMs and stuff. Purely chess influence as in how much his ideas are used in the modern game. Reminder that Magnus gave Fischer 7 for genius and Anand 9.

  10. I think he deserves an 8 for entertaining, and a 10 for influence…….but yeah, genius and sanity was fair enough…..

  11. Anand is 100 in influence, no less. Sorry Magnus.

  12. Anand’s influence is so great that Chennai delayed a scheduled power cut so that he could play his tournament

  13. I swear to God this grand master title sounds so goodLike it's like a anime thing, like it's like a s rank adventure or like a hokage Or smth. I want that title so bad, I am 9 rn but I'll get it one day

  14. Next: Hans Niemann…Genius?Entertaining?Influence?Sanity?

  15. Loving the magnus shorts, really makes my day seeing them pop up on my recommended!

  16. Magnus is low-key stricter than my profs

  17. Obviously this is all quite subjective, how is Fischer "only" getting a 7 for genius and Anand 9? What makes Anand so special compared to Fischer?

  18. DEsi Audience aa gaye sablok Vishy ka name dekhkar na.

  19. Who is Carlsen to assess Anand?! Carlsen's age is Anand's experience!

  20. Imagine Magnus having kids and them showing him their first drawings. Kid: Daddy is this a nice picture? Magnus: Well I on scale from 1 to 10 I guess this is a solid 2. It obviously could have been worse.

  21. Only true Magnus's fans knows Vishy and Magnus's friendships and rivalry

  22. I would have given influence as 10. He basically started and popularised professional chess in India. He is the reason India is one of the top countries in chess. He is not a big online presence nowadays which might be the reason Carlsen gave 8.

  23. Agreed with everything except influence….Ask anybody in India or neighbouring countries about any chess player…The only name they know is vishy anand..even if they dont play chess…Influence 10/10

  24. Magnus is rating the genius category based on the games he has analyzed of the respective players. Bobby got a 7 because all of games of his that he analyzed didn't manage to impress him that much, I think.

  25. influence should be 10 this guy sigle handedly brought chess to India a country with 1/7 of world population that to me is a big ass influence.

  26. I give Vishy 7 for genius and 4 for entertaining and 5 for influence and 8 for sanity.

  27. To those who don't understand why Vishy is 9 in genius and Fisher is 7…

    fisher's games are very flashy and pleasing to the eyes but the games have many many mistakes in them when you check it with an engine today…

    Meanwhile Anand has very accurate and equally beautiful games if not more, and he even played a move in the ONLINE nations cup (yeah not classical but rapid chess) against nepo (defeated him in 17 moves lol) that the engine (even neural networks like leela) below 30 depth can't even understand until it's played against it (so yeah he basically would have defeated a freaking engine in a so evaluated "equal" position)


  28. Sanity? I'd rate him 0. He's completely insane, but in the positive sense

  29. A very objective assessment of Anand by Magnus I would say. Be that as it may,I think Vishy ought to have scored a bit higher on entertainment (say 8) because he was known as the lightning kid when he was young and played very attacking chess until his 30's.Many GM's still recall those awesome games.He also played a lot of beautiful games even much later,even in the last few years one could see this.His beautiful Qd4 move against Caruana in the Sinquefield Cup 2017 just shows that he is an extraordinary talent who can still find such moves over the board.Kramnik on Vishy's 50th birthday said that "for a player to be in the top league after he is 40 is extremely difficult and very rare because of age,fatigue,stress,weaker memory etc..but if Anand is still there in his 50's it is only because of his extraordinary talent and sheer class.I can only think of the case of Capablanca who was still in the top 10 in his 40's.I would without any hesitation say that Vishy is the most talented player of my generation which by the way was very formidable (which included Ivanchuk,Gelfand,Shirov,Leko,myself too)."That is high praise indeed.Another thing that amazes me is Anand's humility and simplicity.He is afterall a 5 time world chess champion!Yet he never displays any arrogance or rudeness like many of the other world champions.He is very kind and pleasant to everyone around him,unassuming and modest,respectful towards anyone who interacts with him and also very witty and likeable.Another fact, he still remains the only Asian and infact the only non-white to ever become World Champion.These are the reasons why I think he is a great role model.for youngsters world over.

  30. Sorry, I actually wondering what this sanity means. Like, is it because the player themself playing with very careful or maybe they play following best move without trick?

  31. When it comes to influence I believe Vishy deserves 10/10. He is still playing and is giving tough fight to all his opponents.. 😊

  32. Coming Next: How Sane does Magnus Carlsen thinks himself is?

  33. Where can I see Carlsen's ratings of additional players?

  34. Mangnus carlsen.
    Isnt it a pleasure pronouncing this “mangnus” 🌚

  35. I think influence should he 9… cuz almost the whole nation knows him, and learnt about chess through him

  36. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    why no magnus carlsen ranks wesley so? still bitter from losing 4-0 in the world championship finals?

    > The quality of the games isn't very high because we make such fundamental mistakes in the opening. We don't understand it nearly enough and I think that would increase a lot if we were given a classical time control there.


    in half a century #9LX will replace chess. Lol. No one will care about chess candidates. They will care about 9LX candidates.

    Why would Magnus be 'deeply ashamed' in losing to Wesley in #9LX if it's just a variant? Why would FIDE create a new world championship for #9LX ? Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. LOL.

  37. Because of Vishy most people in india got to know that there are "grandmasters" in chess. this is how much His influence is.

  38. These are boring. He basically gives everyone 7-8 in everything. ZZZ ZZZ 😴💤😴💤

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