Magnus Carlsen ranks Vishy Anand

Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen rates 14th World Champion Viswanathan Anand on Genius, Entertainment, Influence and Sanity!

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  1. Vishy is two points higher in chess genius than Fischer. LOL!!

  2. Vishy is a really great and inspiring guy, totally agree with the score, especially 10 for sanity.

  3. In my opinion, influence should be rated 10 because entire India inspired by him.

  4. Vishy influenced the whole india. The country which has the second most population in the world. He should have given like 10 for the influence part.

  5. In Magnus Carlsen's world, the strongest player after Kasparov is definitely Anand.

  6. I mean everyone in India wants to be Anand, I think an 8 its a bit too harsh.

  7. 0:54 I think Anand looks very similar to Peter Leko (when Leko was younger) in this photo.

  8. India has 1.3 billion population, so influence should be 10!

  9. I swear it feels like anand is what fischer could have been.

  10. Can you rate Rashid Nezhmetdinov. He is obviously a legend even if he is not a GM.

  11. I agree with Carlsen here, Vishy is one of the greatest natural talents, once Kramnik told "I used to feel in the 90's if I just could have his talent, I would be 2900 or something"

  12. No hell on earth Anand takes score of genius better than Karpov who dominated chess world for 10 years with firm grip . Anand developed very slowly as chess player and he reminds me of Korchnoi in that aspect . When Anand was 21 years old he was ranked 68 , while in same age Kramnik ranked number 1 . Karpov was world champ at 24 Anand at 37. Anand never had domination as world Champ “ Same weakness of Kramnik “ but Fischer Karpov Kasparov and Carlsen were dominating world champions. Anand games is the least quoted chess games by you tubers.

  13. Perfect Answers..!!!
    Decided by engines Not by me!!!!

  14. Bobby Fischer is probably the only reason why they included a sanity rating

  15. Anand is underrated. Second most WC titles, first person to break Russian hegemony after 35 years, still in the top 20 at age 52. Another thing to keep in mind is that in the 70s/80s, India had way less chess resources than Europe/USA which makes his rise all the more remarkable.

  16. He rated kramnik higher in terms of genius and influence

  17. Hahaha thats the funniest shit ever.
    He gives anand 9/10 genius and bobby a 7 hahaha

  18. Did they just add sanity into these ratings because Fischer was nuts? Is it a joke or something?

  19. Anand might not be your favorite player but I'm sure everybody likes him

  20. i am next World No.1 Super GM and i would rate the GENIUS Magnus in all aspects as 7… am i the fool or Magnus ? you decide…

  21. It's a better to have 3 players over 2800+ rather than 1 , And Vishy is doing it.

  22. Vishy Anand Sir is the most influential person in chess ever. He single handly inspired the whole country to play chess. In INDIA people may not know about chess much but everyone surely knows who Vishy Anand is.

  23. How is this even a thing? These scores are neither accurate nor consistent. “He inspired an entire country”…that country was inspired before he came along. Please stop doing these ranking videos.

  24. Funny to hear Magnus saying, "…because of Anand an entire country(India) become nobody to greatest behind Russia in chess".

    Funny because chess originated in India.

  25. Carlsen assigns a 10 to Vishy on Sanity with such obviousness as if Vishy is the very definition of Sanity, requiring no further explanation. He is the Benchmark.

  26. But why someone is judging somebody here

  27. Jaake dekh record me kon hai, Insaan hai ki bhagwan

  28. Here is a story of Anands influence in India. Once while Anand was travelling by train he got invited by a co-passenger to play a game of Chess. Anand won the games comfortably and the co-passenger remarked, Do you think you are Anand that you are playing such awesome chess.

  29. Carlsens analysis is like that of a no nonsense professor. I may have given Anand slightly higher for influence. In terms of entertainment I am still contemplating who is the most entertaining player according to Carlsen. I don't think it is the wry humour that Carlsen is referring to as on that score Anand is pretty amazing. Is it entertaining Chess?

  30. Anand is an autodidact. Self thought. Uptil 1995 India didnt have a professional chess ecosystem like world class coaches or academies. Anand learnt everything till the age of 15-16 from books and magazines. Compare this to Kasparov who went to a professional academy and was thought by former world champions when he was a child. One can only imagine if he had gone through the same system as Kasparov how much better he would have been. But still the pinacle of chess is World Chess Champion and Anand has it. India is the only country in Asia to have had a World Chess Champion and Anand is it.

  31. Well ofcourse it's his opinion and I have no problem with it. But for me he influenced like 11out 10 people…i didn't know about chess back in days but because of him I know about chess and he is way more influential than any other chess player in the world… Now people can see and check games with Engines of so many old players and say that this game wasn't that good there was this mistake or that wasn't that impressive …Thing is people with humble nature and achievements are rare… And Vishy is diamond in them… No offense magnus is great but Vishy is greater… You can have your favourites I have mine that's that!! 😇

  32. The man forgets Chess was invented in India. He also doesn't apply his mind as to why kids and parents want cricket. He also factor the fact that in spite of substantial brain drain after independence India has an organisation as great as ISRO in other words it's only coz of social factors India is not annihilating others in this arena. So this arrogant man should just watch what he says. Before Indians who have not yet got out of the effect of colonialism and Congress rule tell me he's not arrogant please start thinking and then comment.

  33. who is here after Anand beat Carslen in Norway? 😀

  34. Who also came out of Norway … Wow. Didn't know that.

  35. D
    Sanity is a stupid category. How about "character". Is this just a bad translation?

  36. You have three people in the goat conversation. Fischer, Kasparov, and Magnus.

  37. Just to put it in perspective, Magnus gave himself an 8 on the genius rating.
    Goes to show how highly he respects Vishy.

  38. Who ever ask carlsen for an opinion is dumb. That guy has just crossed 30 , and he has opinions for everyone. Why doesnt he look at his own games and try to be humble. He always has this habit of poking his nose in other players. He is still an immature baby who cries when he looses

  39. Is Vishy the greatest chess player ever ? No.. Is he the greatest influncer and brand ambassador of chess ? Yes.. im from his home town chennai.. so much love and respect for my hero Vishy..

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