Magnus Carlsen ranks past world chess champions

Catch this little gems on coverage of Meltwater Champions Chess Tour
(Tal would always be the genius anyways😅)


  1. He put Tal under Entertainining because there was no space for longer name on that paper. 😁😁😁😂😂😂

  2. Capablanca did not even have a chessboard at home and almost never read any chess book.

  3. Very kind words he had to say about Anand. You would have thought the category was "sweetness" and not "sanity".

  4. I would put Morphy as the greatest chess genius.
    Nezhmetdinov most entertaining.
    Capablanca most influential, he really pioneered the style that is most in favour today.
    Sanity I wouldn't know since I've never met them, but I would have to say Bobby. Giving up on the game and living as a hermit in the third world is probably the most appropriate response to analysing chess lines 10 hours a day for years on end.

  5. This is interesting and all, but where's the video about Capablanca, Fischer and Tal's opinion on Magnus?

  6. Many chess analysts and experts would certainly disagree with Mangnus on Fischer… Undoubtedly top 3 geniuses ever existed…some even said in his documentary that his chess expertise would be equivalent to that of 10 phD's

  7. As the greatest himself, I have to accept Magnus' choices…yes, over everyone else's.

  8. you got tal and capablanca images wrong in the last shot.

  9. The beauty of chess, among many other things, is that its history is marked by great geniuses, and very different from each other. More than a hundred years later, we still wonder if Morphy and Capablanca are the greatest geniuses that the Kingdom of Caissa has given. The question answers itself: if, despite all the time that has elapsed, players like Morphy, Capablanca, Lasker, Fisher … are still required referents, this indicates that they have reached the highest possible achievement. Capablanca admired Morphy, and, if he had met him, perhaps Morphy would feel the same admiration for José Raúl Capablanca.

  10. it was pretty easy to guess what he would say except for capablanca. while technically not an official world champion, i thought that he would say morphy

  11. Don't forget Capablanca was World Champion in the times, when pretendents had to pay for oportunity of playing in World Championship match. That made him a long lasting World Champion, because a lot of great players simply didnt have money to pay for match.

  12. 0:53 It's interesting that they've gone with the flag of Azerbaijan for Kasparov. I know he was born in Baku, but I thought he always identified as Russian.

    Also, they've got Tal and Capablanca the wrong way around in the final clip right at the end of the video.

  13. I can agree with everything except, Influence = Robert Fischer
    Who has not been positively influenced by Fischer? Practically no one.
    Who has not been positively influenced by Kasparov? Lots of people.

  14. गोविंदराज अय्यर says:

    at 1:19 they switched tal and capablanca

  15. MUST go with lasker for sanity. alekhine is close in entertaining, but agree with tal. fischer is close in genius, entertaining, and influence. if they had a category for "game-quality", fischer would be the best choice. he's not considering himself a candidate, but carlsen is actually the genius,over capablanca, and i guess we arent considering paul morphy an official world champion. otherwise morphy is very likely the chess genius of all time, and had a ludicrous margin over his contemporaries. kasparov competes with carlsen in pure strength, and until carlsen has more tenure, kasparov deserves the "all-around greatest" title.

  16. Sanity: Anand
    Insanity: Tal (at least from his playstyle)

  17. Come on Bobby Fischer is the genius. At his peak he was destroying everyone, not even close.

  18. While I have always been a fan of Fischer's chess, the only big disagreements I have with Magnus are in the influence and genius areas. When Fischer was absolutely destroying everyone and won 20 straight (which has not happened since), that takes genius, but because of him doing that, he influenced everyone to dive deeper which only made people better, while also spawning a whole new generation of players from all over the world to pick up a board.

  19. I would’ve gone with Fischer under the sanity category.. otherwise agree with all

  20. I've been playing Counterstrike since it came out in the 90s, let's talk about who's the real genius here. ME, a game that's more than 2 dimensional B)

  21. I think its really cool that Top tier chess players call each other by the first name.

  22. I think Tal was the most interesting fascinating player of all times he covers all areas,genius for sure,always a pleasure to watch his games. If you win but you are boring as a player forget it. Chess is about style as well,risk and the mysterious edge of unpredictability.

  23. Agree Capa is even todays standards is a true genious. There is no apparant weakness. His play is much similart to Carlsen himself. Tal and Kaspy all the way. But Sanity my pick Lasker.

  24. Influence = Fischer. Assuming you were old enough to play chess in '72

  25. Genius: Kasparov – The GOAT

    Entertaining: Alekhine – He was the prototype for modern-day dynamic play. Kasparov was an extension of him.

    Influence: Kasparov – I think the amount of time he spent popularizing the game while World Champion spoke volumes. He would play against computers. Simuls against IMs. He was very good for chess during his reign as champion.

    Sanity: Kasparov – If you've ever followed him on Twitter, you would know why. Not only is he the greatest chess player ever, but his insights into political situations are almost philosophical.

  26. You did something wrong at the end of the Vidio.

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