Magnus Carlsen ranks Hou Yifan

Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen rates 4-time Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan on Genius, Entertainment, Influence and Sanity!

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  1. Genius: 7 entertaining: 7 influence: 5 Sanity: 10

  2. The sanity scale lmao. Imagine this in any other sport

  3. Imagine if this is asked to Fischer 😂

  4. The "sanity" question for all these rankings is absolutely bizarre??? Why is it included?

  5. He gave 10 out of 10 for sanity to both women in the list. Smart. So fucking smart.

  6. And what is Magnus IQ test score vs Hou Yifan ?

  7. This guy is a machine. About both playing chess and finding entertaining content.

  8. i don’t really get why sanity is one of the factors judged. it’s pretty pointless

  9. Can you do this with other players? Top 10 for example

  10. World champion reacts on world champion

    perfectly balanced as all things should be

  11. I think any prodigy who has a succesfull career in chess is already a genius

  12. Sanity? Come on Chess24, what is he supposed to say, 'oh yea she's a bit off her rocker, so maybe like a 4?' I mean really, this is just a disrespectful question.

  13. I'm starting to enjoy this
    Make it a series

  14. I give Yifan 8 for genius, 5 for influence and 9 for sanity.

  15. What? A 10 for sanity? I remember a temper tantrum a few years back about some "gender issues"..

  16. The ability to spread these out is almost as impressive as the players he's rating haha.

  17. Who put “Sanity” into this? Isn't that a bit insulting? Maybe put in eccentricity or some other term – sanity is too strong too harsh ?

  18. For the genius part, he said almost the same thing for Judit Polgar, that he doesn't see too much genius in these women, but they're the two best women in history chesswise. Seems a bit strange to me

  19. To any normal person, she's 10 on genius. But if you ask the greatest player of all time to rate someone 200 points lower than himself, his response will naturally sound a little harsh.

  20. Meh 2650 rating… Polgar or any super GM >>>>>>>>>>

  21. Hou Yifan had a very colorless personality when she first hit the international chess scene when she was around 13 years old. Now her personality is warm, courteous and congenial. I agree that if you're going to give anyone a "10" on the sanity scale, she would be one of those to receive it.

  22. Hou Yifan reached the top 100 even though she isn't even a full time player, she became a professor at 26 , I mean that's just crazy. If she committed 100% to chess I bet she would be strong enough at least for the top 10 if not for the WC title.

  23. Well at least Magnus thinks somebody is less of a genius than Fischer. Yifan gets a 6 and Fischer a 7-less on the genius scale than Kramnik, Anand and Karpov… and Kasparov gets a 10. LOL! Magnus might be a great chess player but is blind to his own bias and poor judgement–maybe even a little jealousy, who knows!!?- when it comes to Fischer.

  24. A 6 may sound harsh but sounds very honest, especially when comparing her with the best chess players in the world and all time.

  25. He should have given her the following score 6 9 6 9

  26. Any normal person will give those world champion GMs 0 in terms of sahity most of their moves are insane

  27. just watch other videos of this. he rarely gave out 9 or 10. getting a positive genius score by Magnus already means you are a genious

  28. Hou Yifan is one of my favourite players. She drew with Magnus once.

  29. To me you are misreading the word genius: MC thought at it like "doing something crazy for the others but at the end it works". Genius doesn't mean winner either. Kyrgios is a genius but he goes crazy almost every time, Anthony Gobert was a genius, but he was also always drunk. Maradona was a genius and ended like it ended. It depends on the "idea" of genius.

  30. lol after hearing his scores on Fischer it feels like he was really kind to Hou Yifan

  31. I think Magnus here is rating her respectably as a GM which is nice and why it was harsh. If however, he's rating her compared to previous Women's World Champions, these rankings of course would be higher up

  32. The strongest woman player ever is not considered a genius by him. There is something wrong with how the world views women in chess.

  33. He gave 7 for Fischer's genius. Considering that 6 is generous here lol.

  34. wrg, no such thing as talenx or geniux or good interacx or influex or not, ceuxuax, thinkx, do, can think, do any nmw and any s perfx

  35. good job Magnus, you rated Hou above Fischer overall, lol.

  36. Magnus, you can also compare Hou Yifan to other men chess players 😉 no need to only just compare to other women!

  37. She became a wgm in 2007, and a GM in 2008. Only a year gap between getting the titles. Impressive!!

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