Magnus Carlsen Ranks Bobby Fischer: Genius, Entertaining, Influence, Sanity


  1. Take Fischer and Morphy and put them in todays world with all the engines at their disposal and they mop up everyone in classical chess not named Magnus or Kasparov and a select few others.

  2. I would give him an 8 . L magnus carlsen i dont respect him anymore

  3. Fisher was arguably the only genius of all post war chess players

  4. Small Business & Great Entrepreneurs says:

    Jealous much Magnus? Your scores are insanely jealous. A bit less obvious, please

  5. we have to ask magnus how much did he rates himself in genius level….fischer was pure 9

  6. Fischer is better then magnus, dude is trying to downplay him

  7. Magnus….talking clueless. Period. If ever you wanted to listen to a wise punk talk foolishness…here he is in all his shining glory. Ask him the same question again in 50 years…and he will give you this same response. And you are welcome Mighty Magnus. Most certainly welcome. 😉

  8. Regardless of this ranking fischer was the best to ever play the game in the modern era (I.E. Not going back to the 15th century) period. Including better than Magnus

  9. The only other player with a sanity rating would probably be Morphy, not sure if he would beat Fischer or not lol

  10. Bobby Fischer once said that he could beat Paul Morphy if he came back in time and fought Bobby Fischer simply because he knew more theory same thing kinda applies to magnus and fischer like i get your points that if fischer had 2 years with stockfish he could easily crush magnus but i disagree maybe he wins some draws some and lose some magnus would probably still have a bit of an advantage since even though 2 years is a lot i'd be very hard for fischer to learn all theory magnus has learned in 2 years of course that is just a small advantage i think magnus would slightly win but bobby would definetely NOT destroy magnus in a game that's just so silly it's like if you compared stockfish 15.1 (in this case bobby since magnus has a higher rating) and paired it up with stockfish 16 now if they played at their best it would all be draws but magnus has the ability to squeeze water out of a rock so thats my take i also wouldn't say magnus would demolish bobby but yeah anyways if bobby and magnus played a chess game currently magnus would easily win since he knows WAY more theory than bobby and that is just the truth, i mean bobby used it for him and morphy so why doesn't the same thing apply to magnus and bobby? Anyways thats about all no one is reading allat but if you did congrats you wasted 2 minutes of your time.

  11. There is a statement that a fool can never recognise a Goat………🐐

  12. Who cares what this guy thinks. Fischer is still the best !

  13. Only Magnus can disrespect Bobby and get away with it

  14. Magnus is correct here: you must be insane in destroying all Russian grandmasters in a single tournament. So yes Bobby Fischer is insanely GREAT! Bobby Fischer at the age of twelve would beat Magnus in his prime. Magnus Carlsen is the product of computer engine. In Fischer's time there's no such thing as computer chess engine.

  15. you don't consider him a genius? You were born from Bobby Fischer semen, he is your grandfather😂😂😂

  16. Let's agree here carlsen if you give bobby 7 at genius you surely are at 4 then.

  17. This was pointless, this guy speaks and looks like he fits toilet seats for a living

  18. man gave a 4 for sanity, is that out of 5 or 10?

  19. Magnus could not beat Fisher. A guy with anal beads can beat Magnus.

  20. bit of Jealousy and fear in this view, everyone knows Fischer was the best chess players of all time he achieved 2785 ratings in 72 when there was no 2700 and a few 2600… most of the best in the world were 2500's and no slouch, today's with ratings inflations and everyone can use computers its always easy to look back and say oh this oh that he didn't do this or that, but what you should really consider and ask yourself if YOU Magnus played during that period what would you have done without computer training, I greatly greatly doubt you would have beaten Fischer at his best in a 24 games world championship match… also what Fischer would have done WITH COMPUTER TRAINING we could never know but his records who asn't been beaten since and all the stuffs he did talk for himself… he was the best ever and Carlsen second Kasparov 3rd in my book… the study of chess engine accuracy said Fischer was the most precise and best, his record of not having 1 single draw at the highest level for like 20games is unheard of , winning the us open with a perfect score of 11 0, he demolished 2 of the world strongest player 6 0 during candidates… he won tournament by larger margin than Kasparov and Carlsen… he made chess more popular than any others players and the list goes on and on… at some point you have to put your ego on the side and give credit where credit is due…

  21. Fischer: plays the greatest pawn push with a win in 15 moves
    Carlsen: yeaa he is like a level 7 genius😂😂

  22. Genius 7 outta of 10 ??? Bobby fischer in his prime would beat magnus carlsen very easily magnus loses to many people

  23. Magnus quit after one move against a dude with a butt plug. 😂

  24. I want to know who gets a 10 in each category separately

  25. This guy is everything Bobby Fischer despised about what had become of chess. Magnus is only where he is because of theory, it's become a ridiculous memorization game.

  26. Some kids saying here that Fischer would have being destroyed by these modern GMs but they are forgetting Fischer helped himself and he would have studied them and destroy even this magnus.

  27. These stupid comments saying current GMs have engine. So what? If Fischer was here he would have it also. They study Fischer themselves.

  28. Bullsh#/ he got the rubic cubes puzzle solved in 30 sec , genius 7/10? Are u out of ur mind ,, he was 12 out of 10

  29. The thing is that at that time with very less resources i'm talking about chess engines to analyse more deeply Bobby's rating and chess skill is impressive. Despite the fact that in modern chess era it doesn't look that much inpressive because the resources have become better and many players too have higher rating comparitively.

  30. If Bobby Fischer could study Stockfish he would destroy Magnus. Genius 10/10

  31. Lol. Magnus, do you realise that in Ficher Era there wasn't the technology there is today, or chess was as well studied?
    Give Fischer a few books, programs and AI and he could easily beat Carlsen, or at least give him a very difficult match.
    I'm sorry, but scoring Fischer's talent with only a 7 just seems so ridiculous to me, and totally unfair.

  32. Without an engine, Carlson wouldn't stand a chance against Fischer at his prime.

  33. I would say he’d get in all of your heads and it wouldn’t take much longer for you to tip over your king. I give a 10 for fooling so called geniuses in chess and life. He was the Andrew Tate before Tate’s dad made a chess move.

  34. If Bobby had the technology and information as we do nowadays, he’d absolutely obliterate everyone

  35. A little bit harsh, don't you think? You're judging someone from over a half century ago. I don't suppose you rate anyone on that side of the millennial line.

  36. Fischer would best magnus if you put magnus back in his time line

  37. The GOT in chess Kasparov went pay a visit in Reykjavik Iceland to see boby fisher's grave after his funeral at 71 years old.
    Verry HEAVY HISTORICAL moments for chess.
    We see if carlsen will do the same and go to Kasparov's funeral even if till that time will break his record and be the GOT.
    He learned from Kasparov things.

  38. “I don’t consider him to be that big…genius” At least Bobby had grammar skills above a 2nd grade level magnus😂

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