Magnus Carlsen Plays As 3850 ELO Rating with 97% Accuracy

Carlsen Plays As 3850 ELO Rating with 97% Accuracy


  1. Wait I have so many question for our brother who "slept with my brother-in-law's wife"😂😂😂

  2. “I slept with my brother in laws wife and the family is pissed” “Happens to the best of us”-Magnus

  3. "Happens to the best of us" 💀💀💀

  4. Man these moves are so powerful & all those decisions he made amazing. One of the beautiful game I saw .. class absolute class

  5. That thing is so inaccurate I'm 350 blitz. I regularly get 2000- 2400

  6. can someone explain to me why didnt black take the rook with bishop? (honest and probably noob question)

  7. The trolls in his chat gave him the extra 600 elo.

  8. If he analyzed this game with stockfish 15.1 and he played better than stockfish then slso how can stockish rate his performance in this game 3850 . For that stockfish should be more than 3850 rated which it is not and with an accuraccy of 97% for stockfish he cant be even rated equal to stockfish . So i guess this one is fake . Futhermore stockfish can see more than 20 moves in future in almost every possibility so it impossible to play better than stockfish by making a calculations and through insticts

  9. i dont know who he is but my iphone plays with 100 accuracy, probaby some patzer. he needs to learn chess i guess. its a shame that iphone plays better then him

  10. what do you mean by "plays as 3850 ELO"? how do you arive at this conclusion? because of Accuracy? I'm a 2000 rated player and I had accuracy around 97% before…. that doesn't mean much does it?

  11. His brother-in-laws wife. That’s technically his SISTER!

  12. At minute 4:42 why he didn’t take the white rook ? (The opponent of course)

  13. Looks like Magnus really needs to work on his pins. The engine says so. At least he knows how the kinghts move

  14. That is how he can beat several players blindfolded he has almost all lines memorized he just makes moves pretty much instantly so end game he tends to have a bit more time and uses it to perfection.

  15. I remember when Magnus played a cheater and still won. At the end of the game he says 'he played pretty good for his rating' when his opponent's rating was like 3400 (i.e., Stockfish). But given Magnus is capable of 3850 performance I guess Stockfish has nothing on him.

  16. I find this weird to say, but I think his best chess is only ahead of him

  17. Even the other dude played realy realy well with 2850 but just ni chance against magnus

  18. He makes a 3000+ rating player like a 1400….. damn…

  19. I had to pause several times to understand some moves but kinda proud of myself to at least understand just a bit of seconds.

  20. Honestly if 97% was rated 3850 stockfish should be rated atleast 5000 for being able to play 100% games

  21. "He's just getting mated – that's his problem… well, one of the problems"

    <clever commentary here>

  22. I did analiysis but stockfish says he is 2900elo?

  23. "based on this game I have some training suggestions for you" magnus really be treated like a 1500 🤣

  24. Most of the viewers wouldn’t know how to take advantage of this

  25. im 1100 and i got 99.7 accrucy in an online game not to say im better im obviously not

  26. Отлично выглядишь, Магнус!

  27. 600 hundred points difference in engine rating isn't that big of a deal, I was rated 200 elo.

  28. The fact that this hints to him being able to take on Stockfish…

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