Magnus Carlsen played his last chess game as world champion

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  1. No way magnus is still the best player in the world

  2. You have to actually have a world championship to replace him. We have doubts

  3. For good reason. Classical games are too long. For magnus its like being on an 8 hour flight daily for 2 weeks. Imagine the worst part? Hr already knows he won, so he just has to wait for his opponent to blunder

  4. Is it because he will call cheats every time someone beats him?

  5. No one could dethrone him so he dethroned himself.

  6. He's my fav chess player ever. We'll miss you as World Champion, Carlsen

  7. There is a valid argument to be made that Magnus Carlson is the strongest world chess champion of all time.

  8. Imagine wining the WC title and knowing you are not the best in the world.

  9. Unless he decides to compete again in the near future

  10. Classical Chess is real chess,,no winning on time or mistakes due to quick moves
    It's really challenging

  11. "He's still the best player in the world" -Basically factual
    "He won't be world champ in about a month" -100% factual
    World champ is not best player in the world
    The legitimacy of the World Championship just got thrown out the window, since the world champion isn't the best.

  12. Why magnus? You should remain world champion.
    Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥.

  13. next guy to win the world title would not be nearly as happy as defeating Magnus in a finale to fight for the title

  14. since when did johnny sins become a chess player

  15. This is the dumbest thing I've ever watched on YouTube and that's saying something. Did you interview him and did he say he's not going to participate in any classical matches? Oh weird you didn't. This is pure conjecture. Stop making videos. If I wanted to watch someone make jokes I'd turn on Dave Chappelle it just so happened your short showed up on my feed.

  16. Dude Anand's graph is Crazy, he leveled high and stayed there, that is crazy. I mean Magnus has an unrealistic graph, why not? he is the Goat. But Anand's achievement is just crazy

  17. He would honestly be better if he tried 🥱

  18. Ăn nhựa mập quẹ mất mất mất kelsm

  19. Kê mất tiền hưuenquuen mất cơ

  20. Коммунистический парень says:

    Bro unlocked all the Hax in the game and now completing side quest 💀

  21. He said he is not defending his championship does that automatically mean he won't play classical anymore?

  22. If they can't control the cheating of other players, why dignify their titles any further?

  23. Maguns Looks like a mentaly insane Jim Carrey

  24. Magnus carlsen knew he had ascended the peak level of classical chess match
    He thought why don't we turn up the difficulty level to hard and don't play classical match

  25. wow he defeated anand thats why i love Magnus 💖

  26. I don't entirely understand. Didn't he say that he wanted to reach the 2900?

  27. It doesn't mean he quit the reason he withdrew was to get to 2900

  28. Now he can go on playing drunk, making an ass of himself and continue to break the rules of tournament chess. He will not be missed.

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