Magnus Carlsen on His 2900 FIDE RATING Goal After Norway Chess 2022

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  1. So he won 3 Classical games and lost 0 and somehow his rating only went up by +0.3??? Lol that means he will never reach 2900

  2. That is highly unlikely possible but if anyone reaches to 2900 , then that will definitely be Magnus. No doubt!

  3. Very ambitious but hopefully someone steps up to the challenge!

  4. Winning tournaments is simply not good enough to reach 2900, he must destroy them.

  5. It is impossible to achieve but he is trying so hard to achieve it.💪💪💪

  6. To achieve the 2900, he needs to win 2 games and 1 draw in every 3 games.
    Only that way he can gain some rating points.

  7. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Let Magnus quit chess to play #9LX I think there will be less draws and so Magnus will be more likely to reach 2900 as long as Wesley doesn't play Magnus that much and assuming #9LX tournaments are FIDE rated and assuming #9LX doesn't have separate ratings from chess.

    I mean Magnus kinda SUCKS at #9LX but without Wesley, I guess is pretty good at #9LX lol.

    Aside from that #saynoto2900

  8. Seems exponentially hard, unless he gets more 2800 opponents.

  9. The only Norwegian i know and like his game. ❤️🙏🏽

  10. Интеллигент Паршивый says:

    Where is commentaries?

  11. Forget about it dude it's never happening focus on health more you'll need it after mystery injections

  12. Magnus and I basically have the same problem. Neither of us can gain 100 Elo points.

  13. +3 score and only +0.4 raiting. yeah this is never happening

  14. By the way he talks I'm not buying, he must find a deeper confidence and dedication.

  15. He needs the average rating of the other top players to go up. Even a draw loses him points and an occasional loss puts him several wins back from where he was

  16. If he wants 2900 he simply can't loose for a very long time and even rarely draw. Also there needs to be like 5 people in the 2800 club

  17. At this point he's literally competing against himself because no one else is even within an arm's length. What the fuck kind of a legend did we create here? xD

  18. If he does hit 2900 the whole chess world gonna lose its mind

  19. If he can keep this consistency for another 5 yrs then yes he can defo achieve that but that is highly unlikely as he is ageing and he may lose interest. His opponents are way below his ratings and that doesn't help for sure. The only way to achieve that is continuously win games, make very least draws and not lose a single game which is like waving a magic wand literally😆

  20. Clickbait, the truncation on the thumbnail makes it seem like he reached 2900 already.

  21. We need to organize a Magnus- Ding match where Magnus could maybe gain rating against a 2800 opponent

  22. Magnus is in the awkward position of hoping that the guys who can realistically improve their Elo by a significant margin like Firouzja, Liren, Giri, Caruana, hell even Pragg, improve enough to provide a boost to his own Elo when he beats them, but also hoping they never ascend high enough to surpass his peak Elo

  23. Just over 8 years ago he achieved ELO 2889.2 which was only 11 points away but back then he won almost every tournament. Now the level of opposition has increased. Even to get back to 2880 will be extremely hard from where he is at 2864.

  24. Not to spoil your fun, but, in a sense, drawing two games is actually just as bad as loosing one, it's about the total score

  25. Carlsen's top rating was 2882 in 2014 and again in 2019. My guess is that he will reach 2900 in 2024-2025 then quit chess.

  26. Well, Let's see what the experts in the comments say

  27. Ah Magnus, jokes on you! i'm closer to 2000 than you are!

  28. Seems like he wants to get the first weak human engine for classical. Consistent is key as well as oppents with errors

  29. The problem is the fact only one other player is currently above 2800.
    It means he will lose rating points for drawing against a lot of opponents, and let's be real, beating 2700+ opponents consistently isn't a walk in the park, even for Magnus.

  30. even with the massive rating inflation…you will never see a 2900 rated FIDE player.
    and btw…mangoose is not as strong as he used to fact the entire chess world has fallen in terms of chess strength…Fischer or Kasparov or Karpov…etc….would beat all today's top players without breaking a sweat

  31. magnus will be placed in the GOAT status if he reach 2900+ rating. but he will have a hard time unless there are 10 players rated as 2800+ which he can play with

  32. Even with results like this, where he gains small amounts of elo at the current state, he won't gain or will even lose points when he's at a higher rating. The last grind to 2900 will be significantly harder than making it to 2870 for example. But the man has set his own goals to achieve, and maybe he will reach them. Very unlikely, but you never know.

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