Magnus Carlsen: 3850 Elo

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  1. Gotham should change his name from Gotham to Danger Levels

  2. As the attack was stoppable, then the rating must not be that high

  3. Why did Black pull back their White bishop at the end?

  4. On my life I paused the video and thought for a min and said queen f3

  5. Wow stretching a 1 second video into 18 minutes where are the timestamps thank u

  6. dont make shorts plz! is killing youtube and good content creation.

  7. Thanks Levi i actually thought i was going crazy seeing a panda learn how to play chess so thanks for clarifying magnus' opponent was in fact human.

  8. That is absolutely incredible foresight by Magnus. I struggle to envision what'll happen two to four moves ahead, this dude is legit setting up 10+ moves in several variations. So fun to watch

  9. Why did panda123 moved the white bishop back to g6?

  10. It needs to be repeated…. This was a 3 min game!

  11. At 12:21 Magnus had a brilliant move bc magnus Qb7 Rook takes Queen and Magnus's Rook is gonna slide to E8 and thats check mate. But if they dont take the Queen instead make another move, Qcb8 the bishop cant block because the rook slides in and checkmate or the Queen block and then Queen takes Queen bishop takes Queen and Rook checkmate

  12. Greatest chess player of our generation , bro broke the stockfish

  13. Wait I may be asking stupid but what about qd8 there is the weird resource of the passed pawn

  14. I got a 100% accuracy now i beleive i cheated which obviously didn't but im confused how i got 100 percentage accuracy

  15. And that's why the recent title fight was a farce and so is the current "champion". Just like Karpov was. Of course in both cases it's none of their fault but that does not change the fact. Bobby was the greatest player in his time and Magnus is now. Not the ones holding the title. Farce.

  16. I watched the whole video, then when you said "Now, get out of here" I clicked on the YouTube logo and went back to the home page, then I was like "wait, I should probably like his video", so I clicked the back button and liked this video. Then I was like, why didn't he remind me to like and subscribe? Just an observation, now get out of here.

  17. i like that the screen looks different when you're showing an example instead of the game being played

  18. I watched 16 minutes before I realized that it's not 2850, but 3 -850.. man, what the hell?!

  19. I think it's weird people complain he shows "too much 1 elo chess". He barely talked about 'guess the elo' for a month during the WCC. And I'd rather see hilarious 1 elo chess than clinical elite elo chess. I'll take a 'guess the elo' video over some +3000 elo video, because if I want to watch that I can just review Magnus games.

  20. He is naturally gifted, but as he is that good, he can just use chess bots and no one will ever suspect.

  21. Im a 154 ELO but computer bot tells me I’m 1800

  22. Im playing chess for 25 day i found the move in 10:08 in 7second. And i beat elo 2100

  23. Magnus is now ready to beat Stockfish with his Mittens power.

  24. People don’t realize people want to see stars and Magnus is a star, he personally got me intrigued in chess, him vs Kasparov and the way Gotham eloquently and passionately explains the game as it is today, you can’t help without mentioning Magnus,

    You can’t explain modern day basketball without prefacing it with 5 minutes of Steph curry, it’s reality

  25. I'm trying to see a defense to pawn to d6, couldnt black just play Qxd6 ? I suppose I'm definitely missing something

  26. Hey Levy, How are ya, I just wanted to ask that when I saw this game review in my computer it's showing magnis's rating of match 2850 instead of 3850, i saw it after the game review and it said 2850, is it a glitch or what???

  27. And not a single brilliant move.
    I am completely convinced that the move rating is not worthy of notice.
    I remember seeing a game with 11 brilliant moves, but it just isn't the same as a mastermind at work.

  28. The greatest feeling in chess is sacrificing THE ROOOIOOOKKKKK and knowing its brilliant

  29. Are pandas still extincting or they are kinda safe now?

  30. Whats wild is his accuracy rating is actually higher, the "inaccuracies" are just him being better than the engine.

  31. I think it's weird people complain he shows "too much Magnus". He barely talked about Magnus for a month during the WCC. And I'd rather see good 3850 elo chess than terrible 1 elo chess. I'll take a Magnus video over some <800 elo video, because if I want to watch that I can just review my own games.

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