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  1. Imagine being the one guy that beats him and then coming across this video and feeling like you could become a top player

  2. Was not there live but when solving that endgame. I pretty much saw every winning move (before the move was mentioned, as I paused to solve the puzzle before resuming). At 43:05 I knew Kc6 was winning because it puts Black in Zugzwang, but I found it a little funny that many didn't choose that move, only because Nelson purposely mentioned it as the last move to not make it obvious, and he did trick a lot of people. Anways, was a fun puzzle. Was not difficult, but a fun technical one as White can go wrong when Black plays the best line.

  3. Only reason black got only 71% accuracy is because a3 was the best move almost the entire middlegame, but neither player saw or capitalised on it. Despite that, black played almost perfect. Very impressive.

  4. Wow, that's the most powerful gambit I've ever seen. It's like a morra on the other side but you get to castle into an open file is immediately bearing down into the attack. It's a pretty unrelenting attack of serious problems for them to solve. That guy defended well.

  5. Your voice is so smooth and calm that I fall asleep to your videos. And then I wake up and watch it to the end.

  6. That first game was intense, love watching you play aggressive positions down material

  7. You don't look very happy about eating that celery…is there any way you can make it taste any better for yourself within dietary guidelines?

    Do you not accept friend requests on your speed run account?

  8. "Celery." chomp "I HATE celery." This guy's turning into a comedian.

  9. Love these awesome tutorials. But what if the 12 second only legal move was another YouTuber explaining what’s going on to their subs? Just sayin. Cooking rice and an e-mail from a chess professor , really guys? Come on. Others could say the same thing on this side as well. Again, just my opinion. Thank you for all your time and knowledge Nelson!

  10. Game 1:
    -NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER…..crunch!!!! Epic

  11. Couldn't you work the knight to b6 citing off c8? Then the black king would either have to take the knight or let white out?

  12. If you don't like chewing on celery, get a cheap juicer…run a few stalks through it and drink it down in a few seconds. Add a couple carrots to make it sweet and cover the celery taste.

  13. 53:38 why did the rook take the knight when it never happened in game????

  14. You're just about my rapid rating now, I lowkey want to stream snipe you. I hope I get the chance!

  15. In the puzzle, I said take the free Knight, because I missed the explanation as I was glazing my ham in the oven

  16. The first opponent played like you! Spent a lot of time calculating. Great game. Re the mouse slip, I never move the piece now because of that. Always click on the piece and click on where they are supposed to go.

  17. Thanks for the vids!
    On the final game:
    At 57:00 you do a quick calculation. If I am seeing this correctly, this is a fairly interesting spot to review for how it alters both material and position/future.
    (If you ever make a compilation of tricky spots)
    The follow up detail at 1:03:15 for the other key calculation was great. I have made mistakes like that.
    Thanks again for the sharp and smart

  18. (@34:56) – answer: nope! The white knight needs to be on e7 with the black king on c7 AND black to move. Black’s only viable strategy here is to move the king between c7 and c8, reversing color each time. The white knight, which always changes (square) color every move, cannot – therefore – get to e7 with the black king on c7; it’ll always be on c8 where it’ll be in check after the knight makes it to e7. White is in zugzwang here (of a sort.) If white had one extra piece or pawn, he could move it (instead of the knight); then black would be in zugzwang instead, as the king would NOT be in check, but could not move to c8. Net result: black would have to move the king, allowing white’s king to move to b7, getting out of the way of his a-pawn for the win for white. This position is a draw.

  19. you don't added videos from 1375 to actual 1600 to speedrun playlist on your youtube channnel to have all videos in one playlist.

  20. You had checkmate real easy when queen had support by knight black bishop the check mate

  21. scotch games would be cool no one plays it but it is good

  22. extra cool games today, and a really nice puzzle intermission

  23. you gotta put peanut butter on the celery.. its pretty good

  24. Any chance we could get some d4 games for the d4 boys like myself. Queens Gambit Catalan London Stonewall anything

  25. 0:12 Game #1
    24:46 White to play and win.
    45:57 Game #2
    53:50 Game #3

    3:58 Celery is also good diet food. It takes more energy to chew and digest than you get out of it.

    10:12 What about … Bh5 ?

    12:50 Now, … Bh5 doesn't work any more.

    16:52 Finally! Only about ten moves too late …

    20:45 Wow. Nelson was outplayed …

    21:49 That … Bh5 was on the board for a long time.

    22:55 Instead of Qa1-b1, Nelson missed a fork!

    33:52 Don't take the knight! The ax murderer is in the barn! (Kxa8 Kc7, and black shuttles between c7 and c8, draw, because the knight is on the wrong color)

    37:38 Nd5, Zugzwang!

    I don't like this format for presenting problems. Get back to the games!

    46:39 Nice development, Nelson! 😎

    46:47 Nelson: Mouse slips … d6. Also Nelson: wins the game. [Stockfish later says this is a good move.]

  26. These players that play well with no concern for time management and then lose on time are always quite suspicious. Most people manage the clock more human (unless ur strat is to win before u get too low on time…) suspicious but never good to assume anything

  27. I do thoroughly enjoy watching this speed run. Very informative

  28. Hey Nelson, hope you’re feeling better! Love the channel and these videos. Kind of a weird/small detail but it’s nice how there aren’t really any cuts in the video, like when you left for a minute to take a walk and left the puzzle for us to think about. While the videos are still very engaging and informative, it makes it feel more like we’re all just hanging out rather than being fed some content, and that’s a pretty cool/unique atmosphere to be able to accomplish in a video format. Cheers!

  29. I hate celery 2, i always make my stuffing without it at Thanksgiving

  30. Put some peanut butter on that celery. You might actually like celery then.

  31. Game 2 white was lost when not in the comfort of the London.

  32. White Celery is nicer than green, I think they are different varieties.

  33. Didn’t you miss a checkmate in 2 in the first game?

  34. As a Caro player I need to study game 1 from blacks perspective 💯

  35. I can induce gout easily by eating way too much sugar. Aside from celery, perhaps cutting as much sugar from your diet as you are comfortable with will be beneficial.

  36. Great idea to do the puzzle during the break–that was fun. But the puzzle took so long that you almost needed another break after the puzzle?!

  37. I'm 1600 too so I'm glad Nelson finally gets to play the people I'm playing. I'll take notes to improve!

  38. Always sad to see a game end because of time. I really would have liked to see how game 1 would have turned out with another 5 minutes.

  39. Whether I spend excessive time on an only legal move it’s because I eat while playing and probably have a mouthful of food haha

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