LIVE Chess Rating Climb to 1525 – Speedrun

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  1. 46:51 – offers a draw before the game begins“Alright then, great game. Glad, we had that experience.”Gotta love that dry sense of humor 😂

  2. Thanks for the inspiration at 0:45 Nelson, good man you are

  3. How funny the guy who was taunting about the clock getting absolutely destroyed when you have 20 seconds left HAHAHHAHAHHA

  4. First comment…
    Btw love from Pakistan ❤

  5. Life is short. Do chess when you can.

  6. Chad nelson on the grind no matter what

  7. Nice to see you making chess content again, hope your ankles get well soon

  8. Kd5 at first game will be nice it attack the queen if knight takes queen take and make a battery

  9. Love the friendly advice from someone who is probably 1500 elo less than you in classical

  10. 33:36 is that draw to white Queen check, Qc7+ Kf6 Qf4+ Ke7 Qc7+ Kf8 Qd6+ Ke8 Qc6+

  11. Hey, good to have you back.👋
    This GOUT GAMBIT – this is what you have to focus on.
    And you will win👍

  12. 33:53 Nxd5+ is not good move, that is ?? I think… now white is miss the draw moves.

  13. You might consider getting a sit/stand desk.

  14. So you took the asterisk off the loss, I guess it's official now that galadriel was legit….?

  15. My favourite chess content creator🙏🏼 get well

  16. May God bless you. Thank you for all you do.

  17. Schön, daß es Ihnen wieder besser geht.

  18. Love the streams. And all the best for you bro. Kind regards from the Netherlands

  19. what does 'the clock is a piece' imply? i didn't get that.

  20. When I am watching you daily and playing chess at times not distracted I do better. Thanks for your content!

  21. Nifty alarm, Nelson. How loud is the alarm buzzer when it goes off? Could I hear it from a different room? A variation of this would make an interesting chess clock for bullet/blitz games. 😊

  22. Really nice to see you in good spirits, Nelson.

    Also, I hit 1500 a few days ago so the rating climb is right where I'm at. Learning a lot of great tips from these videos. Keep up the good work!

  23. I really like this format of you including a pause and recommending to everyone to have a walk too. I work in medicine and know how important this is, still I catch myself watching videos sometimes for hours at the time without getting up. With breaks like that included and a friendly reminder I feel like its more easy to do the right thing. I actually got up and did stuff in the household and came back for the video. And I really appreciate it.

  24. I’m sorry I missed your live, however, I am happy to see gradually recovering from your leg incident. I hope and pray it grows stronger and better as it continues to heal.

    As always, I will continue pouring out my brotherly-Christ like love, as well as all my support! 🙂

  25. 29:25 was definately a blunder. The pawn defending the bishop was pinned to the king by the rook.

  26. Great to see you back on the speed run. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. On another note, was the rice cooker defence just as effective as the chewbacca defence?

  27. Can't you confirm the wins in your account somewhere?

  28. Praying for you Nelson. Hope your recovery continues to go well!

  29. Hey Nelson I just wanted to say thanks for the positive words of encouragement in the beginning of the video. I’ve got one more class before I’m done with college and I’m getting right to it! (After the stream ofc) 😅

    Stay strong play on. We are watching and learning

  31. Hi Nelson, you should rename your channel to Chess Gospel. It could be your ministry to win chess players for Christ.

  32. Nelson with ultra instintic finishing the 3rd game

  33. Hey man, that thing you said at the start about doing things that you’ve been meaning to do really resonated with me. I’ve always had a thing about getting out there and trying things, experimenting in life etc, without waiting for years and years and just talking about doing things. ATM I’m doing a scuba diving course to see what that’s all about. But it made me wonder was there something specific in your life you were thinking about when you mentioned this? What was that “thing” for you?

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