LIVE Chess Rating Climb to 1525 – Speedrun

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  1. Are you gonna cry again if you lose? Keep playingt he 400 rated players again. Keep you from crying.

  2. by far the most educational chess series for me, at my level now

  3. Hi Nelson I heard your story and that you are a man of God so wanted to share a Bible verse with you I was reading…

    Ecclesiastes 9:9-10

    9 Enjoy life with the wife you love. Enjoy every day
    of your short life. God has given you this short life
    on earth-and it is all you have. So enjoy the work
    you have to do in this life. 10 Every time you find
    work to do, do it the best you can. In the grave
    there is no work. There is no thinking, no
    knowledge, and there is no wisdom. And we are all
    going to the place of death.

    God bless you brother and hope you get back to full recovery 🙏

  4. I made my first brilliant move the other day and I gotta give you some credit for that cause I’ve been learning a lot from you explaining you thought process while you play.

  5. your scotch gambit demo in this series gave me free wins. I was able to try so many tactics with it

  6. Hi Nelson, i hope you're feeling better. I just wanted to let you know that i managed to get from 900 to 1347 (currently) within less than 3 weeks all because of you. I have learned so much from this series and i appreciate you so much for making these videos.

  7. 5:13 But you're a bishop down after the queen trade.

    You removed the * from the 1* losses … does this mean you're convinced that he didn't cheat?

    19:16 Start of Game #2

    32:34 … Rg4 allows Qh8+, but it doesn't look like White has a followup after that.

    35:16 Qd3+ was better than pushing the pawn. White is playing as if HE is in time trouble. If he'd pushed the game to where White gives up his queen and knight for both rooks, it might have been a game.

    38:00 Great … now there's be drug-testing of chess players, looking for the presence of blueberries! 😎

    38:20 Based on the graph, it looks like White had a won game, and then blew it.

    44:55 Start of Game #3

    47:46 After Be3, White is threatening to win the bishop on c5 after Nxc6.

    51:30 White probably didn't see that … d5 or … d6 would open up an attack on the queen, and then changed their mind.

  8. You are so good at speed chess, blew my mind on game 2.

  9. Nelsi is not only a great chess teacher but also a great human because even though he is not in good shape he took his time to take care of his subscribers.
    Get well soon
    Stay sharp play smart take care and do some exercise ‼️

  10. Nice to have you back, Nelson. Again, hope you feel better. Carpe diem!

  11. in the first game @13:43 … why didnt he block with his queen instead of bishop to E6 then its not M1 its M11 and after if the rook takes the queen its not even a forced mate anymore … sometimes You gotta let Her go

  12. Hey Nelson, me and my brother watch you every day before and after school, and I just wanted to say it's great to see you back and well. I hope you get better

  13. Hey Nelson, it's so good to hear that you were feeling better to stream, I have to thank you because this climbing series was so motivating to learn and try to get better at chess. You and a roughly 2000 ELO friend of mine have been such a huge help as I'm about to hit four digits. Best wishes for you and your family! <3

  14. lol @ Nelson doing the Shia lebouff 'JUST DO IT!' motivational speech at the start of the video XD

  15. Glad to see that you are feeling better so that you can stream! Wishing you a full recovery.

  16. The speed of your premoves from 34:50 onwards is crazy lol. I'd be scared with a queen jumping around the board giving checks and forks all the time, wasting a minute thinking about each move! I guess top chess players can just say that the rooks are defending each other, the king defends at least one central pawn, and all the other pawns are basically forfeit?

  17. Glad to hear you are healing. You’re one of my favorite streamers and a genuinely good dude.

  18. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Thanks for the upload. Take care!

  19. Good to see you still crushing opponents in chess. At 40:30 it says qb7 is best for the opponent but they could have sacked their queen on a8 for the rook and when you take back you lose your queen too. Very close game tho, really cool win in time pressure

  20. That second game was a great comeback under time pressure 👍

  21. Great to see you getting back but still putting your health first. Great lesson as always. Thank you

  22. Thanks for another great stream Nelson. I think one of the real lessons I'm learning (besides new tactics) is don't panic. Game 2 was a doozie! Glad your doing better, still in my prayers. Play like Kings, stay off trampolines. Lol.

  23. I defeated a chess grand master in less than three moves. Finally, my high school karate lessons paid off!

  24. “Time is a piece” lololol proceeds to get premoved into the oblivion

  25. Coach Lopez, you have helped me the most. The way you take us through your thought process, well it’s better than DN.

  26. Welcome back Nelson. Good to see you making content again!

  27. Why dont these video's show up on your channel anymore?

  28. I love Nelson's style: takes 6 minutes to make the first 6 moves,
    uses the remaining 40 seconds to make another 1000 😀

  29. Shikimic Acid within Pine Needle Tea is a natural anticoagulant. Prayers for your full recovery!

  30. how can you believe in a book of fairy tales with a flying thing called god and play a game based on logic? doesn't make any sense to me.

  31. Untill recently i have been sort of stuck between 1350-1450 rapid for quite some time. Now i finally broke the plateau and is steadily around 1550 – 1580 which is the highest rating i have achieved. I actually contribute this to watching your rating climb streams. You are able to explain your thought process of every move in a calm and easily digestible way, without abundant advanced theory explanation and what not. This has made it very easy for me to try and "copy" your thought processes and take my time at every move when i am playing, resulting in fewer mistakes. Your videos absolutely help viewers like my self to become better at chess. By far the most educational speedrun i have watched and i have watched a lot. So thank you and i hope you continue creating chess content!

  32. That was one hell of a rook ending if you asked me. He caught on fast and running out of time. What was it like 15 seconds?

  33. Holy moly, that blitz ending was incredible!

  34. Maybe you should buy one of those vibrating boards for your feet if you haven't already. I know some people who use them. Those are good for people with sedentary lifestyles or people who have blood flow issues.

  35. Is the ability to make multiple premoves something only available on a computer? I can never do more than 1 at a time on my phone.

  36. Amen today is a gift thats for the reminder

  37. ssmurfing sucks, in every other game it would be bannable.

  38. At 34:00, Nelson has to sacrifice his queen, and he's as cool as a cucumber…

  39. Hello, I’ve been binge watching you from your 400elo and I’m here at 1525. My mother taught me that😢 if I didn’t have something nice to say then shut up. But I’m going to assume you will accept a little criticism. I hope so. Here goes…I found your running down the clock irritating. You’re either over-talking or over-teaching or waisting two minutes to find your wife to answer the door. You’re playing a ten minute game. Three minutes of evaluating and teaching a move is a bit much. And, please forgive this but I don’t understand your spitting. Do you have handkerchiefs? I gather you’ve had physical issues to deal with and I’m sorry for your discomfort. I’m hoping that as I continue to watch I’ll see a change. If a change does happen please tell me at what elo you’re at and I’ll just jump to that because I want to focus on your strategy and not see you make a mistake or a blunder because of time. That’s not teaching. I hope I haven’t been too much. I know how to play chess but I’m lousy. I’ve watched agadmator for over a year and he is amazing at how he breaks down moves. I hope I can stay with you. Your presence on camera and your voice are pleasing. James

  40. watching on youtube i thought i was gonna get away with no break 😂

  41. 2 questions guys can anyone please clarify for me: At 35:13 how does the pawn move diagonally and capture the the enemy pawn when the enemy pawn clearly moved to the side of it ??? Also at 36:26 can the rook really just hop over the king like that and capture the queen ?????

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