LIVE Chess Rating Climb to 1350 – Speedrun

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  1. Thanks Nelson for these very instructive lessons … you are very good in describing your thoughts and reasons under each move, I hope my chess will improve !

  2. Why do I get my butt kicked more often when I am black? Humm.

  3. In the last game, it looks like White loses 2 bishops for a knight, did I miss anything?
    Usually they play on even if they lose a piece

  4. 2:40 Some time player not see, it is your turn and you waiting and waiting, why he or she not moving. Oh, it is my turn, ups.

  5. Always a good day when chess vibes drops 🔥🔥🔥

  6. You look & sound better today. Glad to see it! 👍

  7. Game 1, it looked like they were going to go a bishop down then randomly hung a queen instead… is that right or did I miss a tactic

  8. Aww man, i worked from home and i coulda caught the stream. I have notifications on wth!

  9. Let’s never forget about the last opponent on yesterday live video by eating salt during the chess match.

  10. NB One never makes 'less' mistakes, one makes 'fewer' mistakes. It's a grammar thing.

  11. 4:40 What about … c5 first, since that's an eventual move to play anyway?

    6:23 YAY!

    7:41 Also, the mistakes at the 1800 level are more subtle. "Chess is the struggle against the error." — Zuckertort

    15:43 "compensation"

    17:10 and there's the tactic Bb5+!

    17:28 BLUNDER!!!

    18:01 Blunder!

    19:20 I think I've seen this trap recently.

    26:18 a good "waiting move"

    29:56 … c6

    43:32 d6 opens up the a2-g8 diagonal for the bishop, which is kinda blocked here. … d6 blocks in the Bishop.


    46:12 Also: Nd5 Qd8; Ne7+ Nxe7; exd7 forks the queen and rook.

    52:00 "against a stronger player" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    54:54 Grünfeld! Grünfeld! Grünfeld! Grünfeld!

    57:44 BLUNDER!!!

  12. so evidently you didn't get banned for cheating

  13. That long pause at the 2 minute mark was funny because imagine if his opponent is also a smurf explaining what they are thinking too.

  14. Please play with Petrove opening, one of my initial stage elo giver.

  15. if you havent already could you do a video on how to review your games at the end using stockfish?

  16. 9:36 instead of d4 you could have played Ne5!! They cannot take as we'll fork them with d4 then

  17. Subbed, this is some of the best chess content i have ever seen! thanks for the hard work you're putting in man, amazing content!

  18. at 47:32 – when you would have played knight to e5 – that may have lured the knight away, did you think about that?

  19. At 55:33 in the analysis, can you take knight at E7 with the rook instead of the pawn? Doesn't that stop black rook to E8 and then you can bring the other rook over or whatever? These videos are amazing and you are many levels above me, so I'm sure I'm missing something with that play. Thank you for this series.

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