Levy and Hikaru Guess Your ELO Ratings

Levy Rozman (GothamChess) and Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) go down on The Elo Is Right

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  1. it feels good to be better at something tangentially related to chess than a super gm

  2. you don't even have to guess my elo, because I either blunder horribly due to tunnel vision, or play like a literal NM, so I'll just tell you
    ~250 in blitz, ~150 in rapid, ~110 in bullet

  3. They both don't seem to understand that between 400 and 1000 you get all sorts of players. Half decent players immediately ascend to roughly 1200, whereas the slightly worse players that over time will beat the complete noobs can ascend to approximately 800-1100. 1100-1200 is always indecisive as very good players get paired with… crap players. However, some hardcore players ironically get hardstuck between 400-600. In fact, the constant introduction of newer players on all levels starting at 400 is what causes the insane performance dip between 700-2300. Anything above 2300 is most likely moderate to high level performance but just below that at 1900 is very poor performance. Smurfs also increase the performance dip between 850-2400. It's unfortunate because if you player at a 2600 level you will struggle to get beyond 800. After 1250 life will become easier though. Good luck to everyone out there and just stay on the grind.

  4. I was within 100 on everything below 2000 lol, I know my people

  5. i feel like levy/hikaru weren't properly taking into account the clock. as a disclaimer, i don't play rated chess (to be more precise i don't actively play chess pretty much at all, although i do know how). But i do know stress. and i figure that the low the rating ap layer is, the more likely they are to feel teh pressure of the clock, even if its unnecesary. I think thats why for some of them they way underestimated those lower elo games.

  6. Now that levy and hikaru have both established themselves on their own, can we get an occasional collab going again?

  7. The thing is people would send them hate even though they suck way worse then them

  8. I’m 600 rn but I’m rapidly growing I’d guess mine is around 750

  9. We dont share the players names cause pepole are toxic BRO 99.9% here isnt even 2000+ so they can stfu

  10. I came from levy and why when hes colabing is his quality just so much worse but his single videos are so incredible to watch

  11. The worst game you’ve seen in your life? You haven’t watched me play!

  12. Can anyone explain to me the option for the back rank checkmate at 17:42? It seems like it is defendable

  13. Hikaru trying so hard not to rip off levys guess the elo

  14. why does levy look like he is drinking a bottle of medicine

  15. I am 1300 and i dont blounder queen like that

  16. how are these guys from game one 1500 and I'm 700 and play better than them…

  17. They’re both so skilled they forgot what a gap there is between 900 and 2500.

  18. Chess players : Chess is super fun ! You should totally start playing !
    New player : plays chess
    Chess players : fucking worst game ever what is this

  19. Im 500 elo and playing better than 1638

  20. As an 850, my guesses were
    1. None
    2. 1900
    3. 2500
    4. 930
    5. Really hard i said 900 or 800

  21. The intro lmaoooo man This video is gold you guys need to start doing videos together again

  22. Are you sponsored by TSM i keep seeing the logo

  23. In the beninging I was laughing pretty hard.

  24. 20:56 is not a mate the black queen can block and is defended by the rook

  25. watch the 900 elo
    Me : hey i think thats my match

  26. This makes me me awful about my chess game, in a good way. If that makes sense 😂

  27. I am 1050 and i don't play like the player in the 4th game

  28. levi guessed my exact rating on the second one haha

  29. Magnus did exactly what Hikaru feared xD.

    (Context:- In the Airthings Master 2023, after having drawn all 15minutes games in the semi finals, Hikaru bet 8minutes 59seconds and Magnus bet 8minutes 58 seconds and also eventually went to win the Armageddon.)

  30. My favorite part is when Gotham says people grind for months to get to 950.

  31. The only thing they're not getting is that people in the lower/mid elo could have games ranging where they play high 1,000s level chess and other games where they're taking a shit on the toilet at work and play 700 elo chess. (couldn't be me)

  32. That fourth one was nuts like should have been 200 bro I play 450 and I’m better than that like what

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