Levy and Hikaru Guess Your ELO Ratings

Levy Rozman (GothamChess) and Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) go down on The Elo Is Right

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  1. On the third game 20:48 can’t black block back rank with room protected by queen

  2. I’m 1100. Hearing Hikaru say there were high level plays with a few mistakes and guessing 1100 – 900 is a huge confidence boost lol

  3. levy:they are 800
    Me who thought they were 1800😐

  4. Hikaru: this is pretty bad, yeah

  5. I'm only 3mins into this video but it is SO clear than Levy is in awe of Hikaru and it is actually very sweet to watch… aww bless x

  6. Wait how we're the first ones 1400? Must have been bullet surely

  7. Hikaru has disadvantage here because guy only plays against 2600+

  8. As someone who only started playing this year, I feel ashamed for being only 800 after the first and 4th matches…

  9. Hikaru analysing where he went wrong in his guess more than where he went wrong in his own games 😂😂

  10. So disappointed levy didnt go "twenty two twenty two" in the second game

  11. On the 4th game when they said people are grinding to be 950, I just started playing and placed 1000, I dropped to 965. And I saw the match and I was surprised, and then I realized how bad I am myself lmao

  12. This video is way more pleasant thant most of the ones found on Hikaru's channel because there's no stupid chat to read/hear.

  13. The people in these games watching this video depressed asf 😭😭

  14. I love when they talk about black playing poorly at high 2100 level😭

  15. Brag: I am terrible at chess but based on your comments I guessed the elo almost perfectly xD

  16. 14:15 i guessed 2140 bro wtf lmao

    (I guessed horribly at the first one)

    31:04 i guessed 500, same as hikaru… no way, 900??

  17. Can we just appreciate the level of quality of this intro?

  18. Hikaru intros are always beautiful even on a rewatch

  19. I don’t understand how a 600 elo ( me ) literally guess everything right,600 elo better then grandmasters at guessing elo, cuz my friend would play like this he’s 1100 elo,but usually u play 200-300 more then what the elo u Alr have,so that is how I guessed it

  20. im mad im fluctuating just below 1200 playing all these strong players but then I watch these videos and they are so much worse than the people I play lol

  21. Could these games be from before chess grew big so not a lot of competition in the 1000-1600 range.

  22. Keeping track of my guesses, prior to seeing any answers:
    Game 1: 1200
    Game 2: 2000
    Game 3: 1200

  23. Me a 1200 player; “wow they’re playing much better than me”
    Levy/Hikaru: Ain’t no way this is above 1000.

  24. Based on this, they would probably rate me at around 50 ELO since I am around 600.

  25. Nah Levy I don't think the editor is happy with you 💀💀💀

  26. I’m very late to the party with my comment but I couldn’t help laughing at Hikaru’s last guess, thinking it way too high, just from white’s opening, then I got another big laugh to see he guessed too low. 😂

  27. 20:17 that couldn't of been checkmate because if the rook blocks on d8, whites queen cannot take on d8 because blacks queen is guarding the square on d8

  28. 29:58 man 420's i go against play 1432 elo games. there was a 292 elo player i was against and the analysis said the elo estimation on that game was 785 for him 💀

  29. so that fell flat😂leave guess the elo to the king of guess the elo, yeah?

  30. so is this the first time levy got into guess the elo
    i mean it was from hikaru from orginal?

  31. For this to be legit, they also have to guess masters

  32. There’s nothing more funny than hikarus face expressions 😂😂😂

  33. please tell me someone else has gotten the adds for that chess website that is one big awesome joke

  34. 1460 playing like THAT? I'm 700 and play better than That-

  35. Hikaru giving game 3 higher rating than game 2 😮

  36. Legalized Marijuana makes for more blunters and skewed ELO's. It's a pandemic lacking vitamin D, or any kind of D for that matter

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