Leela’s Fifth-Rank Pawn Storm! | Computer Chess Championship Finals

Leela Chess Zero won the 13th season of the Computer Chess Championship 106-94 against Stockfish 11. The Neural Network did so with an incredible understanding of space and control and some amazing positional concepts. Watch the neural net engine convert a stranglehold against the traditional engine!


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  1. ?at 8:00 Bishop x H4 opening up right side and destroying the white pawn attack leaving King exposed

  2. ur voice is so soft! makes me want to shoot myself in the temple

  3. Wow what a game! Never imagined I would see Stockfish get beat down like this

  4. Wait, the editors blocked the mate with the pop-ups? Am I missing something? 🙁

  5. 2:24 I am a mere 1300 however I believe the king will be mildly safer on h2 as leela advanced her pawns as well it opens space to bring the rooks over eventually. Just my take on it im no master haha

  6. I really dislike that the mate was blocked by adds for your other videos on Youtube.
    I also dislike the double exclamation mark badges with kapow sounds on the board.
    This is chess, not a Batman series.

  7. Should put extra roll of video at the end so the youtube overlay doesnt cover the screen. Great game, thanks for the coverage

  8. Leela won that match by a decisive 12 games. Before these neural net chess engines came about, Stockfish was without a doubt the best chess player in the over 1,000 years that this game has been played, and so to witness it get crushed in such a manner is absolutely astonishing.

  9. "I am continuing to expand"

    You are not the one who played, son.

  10. Nice video. You could have add that after h4, Bxh4 is not possible for black since g5 traps the bishop. Being a beginner, that's the kind of question I ask myself 😉

  11. great job! my english is bad, but i understand the most of Sam's words 😉

  12. I think chess admin will investigate for using engine.

  13. THANK YOU for referring to Leela as 'it' rather than 'she'

  14. unbelievable,all moves looks like lila was gambling and not sure of what its doing.

  15. This is some wild and beautiful stuff.

  16. It‘s always very satisfying too see Stockfish get destroyed. Go Leela.

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