Leela’s Fifth-Rank Pawn Storm! | Computer Chess Championship Finals

Leela Chess Zero won the 13th season of the Computer Chess Championship 106-94 against Stockfish 11. The Neural Network did so with an incredible understanding of space and control and some amazing positional concepts. Watch the neural net engine convert a stranglehold against the traditional engine!


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  1. how dowe humans ever compete against these monstor engines ? !!!!

  2. I found the queen moving back move, I feel insanely smart

  3. i disagree, i think Kh2 is useful, if you are going to push all your king pawns you may as well push the king behind them for safety and preparing for the endgame ultimately (the king is an attacking piece)

  4. Am I the only one who hears Quentin Tarantino if I close my eyes?

  5. this particular game reminds me of alphazero's playstyle (in some leela wins i don't have that impression)

  6. It would have been interesting if you told us what Leela thought of SF Queen B6 or what leela would have played instead like if she would have agreed with the humans

  7. What if the King H2 way at the beginning was prep for a potential King H3 in one of the example lines you gave. 😉

  8. Leela: moves
    Stockfish: moves
    Leela: Hmm… I think I see a mate in 54
    Stockfish: HOW

  9. Reminds me a little of Fischer-Spassky game 6. Black just has no moves.

  10. this is so much beyond human level play, its mind blowing. Sure some of the insane moves could be found by top level grandmasters but leela basicly does something insane every couple of moves.

  11. A Kh2 supports the pawn on g3, it may have been a useful waiting move.

  12. 2:18 i'm sure that in the engine mind, there was no move giving it an advantage so it did what you would do to protect your king in case of an invasion on the a rank maybe in a very deep tree search

  13. Brilliant game! So many sacs for the positional advantage. Black's was just crushed under the press.

  14. 2:15 After e5, Be7; Kh2 is played as the best move against Nf5, attacking both the pawn on g4 and the bishop on e3.
    g4 is too unstable and the bishop is best placed on d2 if it needs to move.

  15. Leela: I win connect 4!


  16. Awesome analysis. Thank you Sam Copeland!

  17. that zugzwang pronunciation is a blunder, jesus

  18. Awesome game, so many sad moves (I can hear the violin playing in the background) by Stockfish to contain the invading White pieces. Leela played more than a few double exclamation mark (!!) moves that it's insane.What a phenomenal game with so many exciting elements. Positional play, sacrifices, passed pawns and a mating attack.This is chess art at its highest level. Then there's also the other game by Leela where she pushed a pawn into Stockfish's d6 and sacrificed a piece for long-term advantage. How many more astounding games like these will we be seeing over time?

  19. At 1:45 it does not "beg the question" of why Stockfish's queen was on b6; it raises the question. The commentator made a very common error with the phrase "begging the question" by misusing it to mean "raising the question". The actual meaning of the phrase "begging the question" is to use an argument which assumes the truth of the very thing you are trying to prove.

  20. King h2 was probably freeing up the back rank for Leela’s rooks

  21. King at h2 is much more protected than at g1.

  22. Chess engines don't fucking "understand" anything!!!

  23. How do I download full pgns of these seasons

  24. Everytime he says, "In the game" and reverts the board, I feel like I woke up in inception.

  25. Disliking the video because he keeps calling leela "it"

  26. There is only 2 engine and played each other once and its called computer chess championship??? Haha

  27. That's is some good amazing pawn stormed .Leela understanding 0f the position is why he beats Stockfish 11.

    I wonder what version of Leela ?

  28. I think Ka2 supporting the pawns in order to attack with these pawns. I see leela put quite a lot of pieces to support these pawns and black's king is unprotected.

  29. Linked pawns are very strong and they often make opponent's position passive

  30. Gotta say, I get huge enjoyment from the way that this guy narrates these games.

  31. i think king h2 was for when the queen captured it wouldnt come with check

  32. King move to H2, was to protect the pawn on g3, should his other pawns got traded off.

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