KING’S GAMBIT | Rating Chess Openings Pt. 2

Hello everyone! This is episode 2 of Rating Chess Opening, and today I have the King’s Gambit. Enjoy!

0:00 Opening Moves
0:20 Pros
2:07 Cons
3:54 Tier List


Overall Ranking: 7/10


  1. Great video but the only thing I wish was covered here is the Falkbeer-Counter gambit which I believe, in itself is reason enough not to play the King's gambit.

  2. I was just thinking of picking up this opening and then you uploaded this video lol thanks for the analysis ill probably start playing it as im not high enough level my opponents know theory

  3. Grew up playing the kings gambit. Worked great up to like 1500.

  4. also vienna gambit it gives a great posiotion even if they play best moves

  5. Urusov Gambit would be interesting. It is very underrated

  6. Ruy Lopez would only make sense after Italian Game

  7. My first gambit i ever wanted to learn :D. But its very hard to learn(modern defense, declined classical variation, falkbeer countergambit etc.). But good video

  8. Awsome video👍I also liked your video on the Najdorf sicilian. Could you also do a video on the sveshnikov sicilian, where you can put a catchy thumbnail like "Play the sicilian like Magnus Carlsen", or something like that😅

  9. Top 3 chess opening according to magnus carlsen
    1. Ruy Lopez
    2. Queens Gambit
    3. Italian opening

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