Is My Chess Rating Good…The AVERAGE Rating Will Surprise You!

This video shares what the “average” chess rating is and offers some cool statistics and resources. Here they are:
3rd page of the thread where I give some explanation to ratings and estimates:
Chess Rating Comparison by statistical correlations:
FIDE Rating Calculator:
How Glicko ratings are calculated:
Two Articles mentioned regarding rating:

00:00 Introduction
01:10 Global Average
07:00 Global Average For Daily Rating
07:20 Forum Thread
08:40 Correlation To Compare Ratings
12:42 FIDE Rating Calculator
16:22 Glicko Rating
16:56 Conclusion


  1. I just started playing seriously and got up by 150 rating in just 3 days 1450s to 1600s and I am 1610 now and percentile is 98.6

  2. I was ashamed fluctuate between 800-900. Since my total playtime would probably make me a beginner, maybe it’s not that bad after all. But I definitely want to get better

  3. 50th percentile is the median, which is below average because the distribution is right-skewed. So 50 percentile is under 666.66

  4. The graph is actually skewed to the right, you follow the tail not the hump

  5. You’re actually incorrect I’m 1580 rated and it says I’m 98 percentile. As you move up from lower ratings you rapidly move up the percentiles before it starts to slow in the 1500s on

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