I Was SHOCKED When I Heard This Chess Hustler’s Rating

When I went to Washington Square Park Danny was the first hustler I played against. I was SHOCKED to learn his rating. Hope you enjoy the games!

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Love how Thematic their wardrobe is as well. She is white with blond hair and white shirt and he is black with black hair (wave check) and black t-shirt.

  2. One should not be let to play chess with undergarments exposed…

  3. Watching Hans and Magnes last game, same opening

  4. She lost on time in the 2nd game right? She said "I'm through". With time, correct?

  5. I do not understand why she gave up in the first game.

    She could have moved the rook from f1 to f3, right position to take the knight on d3 during next move. If knight would try to escape on b2, she could have developed the bishop to c2. I think she might have had the chance of a win.

    Could anyone explain me? I am trying to learn.

  6. Me looking at the eval bar thinking I’m smarter than them😂😂😂

  7. Anna Cramling… do you only play creepy pervy old middle age bastards or what??? I love watching chess! Keep kicking these guys butts

  8. Hhahah and that is why US never won Chess Championship. Most of these Yankess don't even know basic of Chess.

  9. Can someone explain to me why she resigned in the first game? What am I missing?

  10. Not to reveal how bad I am, but why'd you scoop that first game?

  11. I dont play chess but is 2300 really that high?

  12. Привет!!! Блин залипательный формат!!! 🙂 /Hey!!! Damn cool format!!! 😃

  13. Did anyone tell you that you laugh like Seth Meyers? 🙃

  14. какая тупость ! проиграть такую партию идиоткой надо быть

  15. The whitest of whites wearing white and playing white against a black man wearing black and playing black. Pure chess and both fantastic players

  16. It would be nice of you to stop calling honest players hustlers

  17. Everybody thinks there related when they see someone they think they might have seen before!
    Dat my Cousin is real popular in jail too!

  18. It's just a board game in the park. Have fun, no big deal.

  19. “Danny how strong are you?
    (In his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation)
    “ I’m a T – 2300 non liquid metal cyborg series chess player. I have already processed the algorithmic calculations of this game,you will lose in 23 moves.”

  20. 5:00 Why did she resign couldn't she have just moved her King to c2 or am I missing something?

  21. she so cute lol, her reactions are so genuine. wish i could meet more people like this.

  22. What's with the demeaning hustler title? The guy immediately gave his rating when asked. Stop click baiting

  23. Your Chess/dress styles are remarkably impeccable.

  24. Why is that person yelling “Chess guys?”

  25. Stumbled across this channel. So cool there is a channel of watching strangers play chess in a park!! Love it!!!

  26. В первой партии, ты делала мои ходы, и мы проиграли..

  27. If he told you his real rating he's not hustling

  28. I don’t have the brains to play chess but it’s fun to watch elite players like Anna and this gentleman. The passion and commitment makes what they do seem like magic.

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