I REACHED MY HIGHEST PEAK CHESS RATING OF 2229. I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. keep going I sub to you my queen!

  2. You can add another 500 to your rating Anna simply because of your charming personality and enthusiasm.

  3. Awesome! Congrats! I’m trying to get to 1300 🤣

  4. I got excited when I recently achieved an 1800 rating 😂

  5. i dont know how you are so chill when you have no time, its pretty nasty, good job!

  6. genuinely wondering why anna's ath is only 2226 and she's a WFM. I'm not even a CM and my ATH is 2366 :/ makes no sense. she should honestly be around 2400+ in blitz

  7. Huge congratulations Anna!! Love the energy and positivity you bring to every video too!!

  8. You should care more about the time. 0,4 sec from losing without mentioning it, pure luck. Nice game tho😊

  9. You are so cute and so funny 😄 wish you to climb 2500, in 2023-2024! Cheers

  10. Me at 750: Wow, I can relate to this on so many levels.

  11. I love how exited you get from chess

  12. What is your rating in bullet? Im a very casual player that didnt read anything. I just play bullet when im bored a few times a week. Im around 1500 depending on how much my children bother me 🙂

  13. Congratulations that was a nice win and a good game

  14. Ratings fluctuate. Congrats on new high, but losing has it's benefits as well. You have a better chance of winning next time.

    For most people getting better just means you lose to people with bigger numbers next to their name.

  15. Anyone here who wants to do a chess match? I'm 750 rated

  16. Insta leave when they scream and bounce in their chair like a child.

  17. i dont understand why their time was increasing?

  18. I recently broke 580, but went back down to 430.

  19. Congrats Chess Princess. I don't even play and I enjoy watching you and your energy.

  20. por que no te creas una cuenta para los que somos de España? un saludo

  21. You use helping lines… Thats unfair in my opinion.

  22. 2:25 When you forget your character name… So, who are you really?

  23. I just love your informative narrations, you manage to keep me absorbed even though I don't think that fast; then I look over, and there is a super model talking, that helps.

  24. Молодая, красивая, из хорошей семьи, в гробу не лежала. ))

  25. I love you hopping up on your chair with glee. Well done!

  26. I had just subscribed to your channel this last several weeks I have so much watching your channel and the way you play chess. I am so glad you bring so much passion to chess I have just so much fun you make me laugh so much. Thank You for the uploads.

  27. I don’t get it Anna. I congratulated you yesterday for becoming a GM after your points went over 2200, but now seeing this video, your score was over 2200 nine months ago. So what’s the difference and were you a GM all along?

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