I Ranked EVERY Gambit Against e4 From WORST To BEST

I ranked 98 gambits against e4 from WORST to BEST. You’re welcome.

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  1. The first one is ctually called the Blackburn shilling gambit

  2. What are all the gambits you can play against g4

  3. Would U be nice enuf to share the excel file thru Pixeldrain or Google drive?

  4. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Skipworth gambit was worth skipping

  6. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And then he sacrifices THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am a seasoned vet in #18 The Oops gambit. Feel free to ask me anything, I’ve played it thousands of times

  9. When are you going to do every gambit against D4? We’re all anxiously awaiting!

  10. I beat all Free GM bots and even 3200 Komodo with Greco Gambit course on chessable.For me it gives 65%+ win rate even against all my opponents .I don't understand why you put it in 87🥺🥺🥺

  11. I keep trying the corkscrew gambit but my opponents play d4 instead of taking my pawn with their knight

  12. 23:16 Nelson, the idea is to move your king to f7 and later go to h8 to shield your king with the knight and bishop while getting an active rook for quick development. Hope this comment helps.

  13. the first one is you have to know thishere's a move it starts withthey don't know they just see thisslide the queen and baitthey're gonna take it (blunder??)

  14. 36:23 I am even proud to hear that the Latvian gambit is one of your favorites! Great content! Thank You a lot!

  15. can you have avideo of gambit against d4 sir

  16. Some extra information on some of the gambit.-Busch-Gass Gambit : the next move after Nxe5 is Nc6 and it plays similar to Stafford Gambit I think.-Duras Gambit : Nf6 shown in the video is probably the Fred Defense (or maybe it have 2 name and I don’t know that) and the Duras Gambit is actually f5 then Kf7. The win rate might be influenced by super gm doing goofy stuff moving the king in the second move and still win.

  17. What if, somebody instead of recapturing with bishop, recaptures with the pawn in the Alapin-Blackburne Gambit? (I know of course, this ruins your pawn structure.)

  18. the pickler gambit is the opposite danish gambit

  19. What about the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit?

  20. 21:14 at the low ratings (400s) i had a game kinda like this where both e-pawns just captured and captured all the way to a8 and a1 and promoted (this was after an early queen trade), it was hilarious

  21. @chessvibesofficial Can you post a link to the spreadsheet of all the gambits?

  22. Hey Chess Vibes, thanks for the video! Could you please do a very short video personally addressing the stafford gambit and what you think about it? Thanks again!

  23. #70 bēū-le if I'm reading it correctly

  24. Was that your grandfather in the intro? 😅

  25. Nelson – intermediate in cooking, master at chess and the world champion of explaining it

  26. Rumor has it Nelson got 3 new wrinkles in the making of this video

  27. "Bielefelder" Gambit is pronounced without stressing the first "e". It sounds like "Beelefelder" Gambit. By the way "Bielefeld" is a city in Germany (350.000 inhabitants). Appreciate your content very much! 👍

  28. Nr. 63: Bielefeld is a city in Germany. For people here, Bielefeld is full of jokes, because most people say "Bielefeld doesn´t exist." I dont know where it out comes from, but its funny.

  29. 5:55 1. a6 for black is really only good if you transpose into the French.

  30. Where is the part 2? You already have 4 times of your intended likes.

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