I Ranked EVERY Gambit Against e4 From WORST To BEST

I ranked 98 gambits against e4 from WORST to BEST. You’re welcome.

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  1. Can't believe that there's a name for every possible lines, including the ones you would be ashamed to have your name attached to.
    Props for the hard work, very informative!

  2. Please don't bother ecusing yourself for butchering individual gambit's names. You do so with a half of them

  3. Amazing! Now for the queen's pawn gambits. . .

  4. wait busch gass gambit is insane. like u play it similar to the stafford at many points, i only stopped playing it bc no one took the pawn even if i hung it there for 5 moves. if they take the pawn, u usually do nc6 and go from there. main line is they get the bishop out first b4 taking pawn.

  5. I surely would have thought the Stafford Gambit would've at least made it on the list in the top 5. Eric Rosen covers it all the time.

  6. Seems that a lot of the worst gambits leave f pawns undefended

  7. every one of those gambits are "if you can get to this point" that means you'll lose before you get there almost always if your opponent ruins your opening pieces.. very informative though!

  8. First: Thank you for elaborating, although lengthy. One could even learn not to play the first 50 gambits😂. Second: the one‘s with a high winning prob. are hard to learn or seldom. So now let‘s rank the top 25 also by their probability of occuring😀

  9. I watch all gambits and I still am confused on every single one.

  10. Bravo, brilliant video! Please please please do one on d4 openings (c4 too if possible). The simialrity of many of the gambit ideas (& their refutations, if any) was incredibly educational & cetainly entertaining.

  11. is it really a gambit if you don't give up material or you win it back by force? I see several mentioned here which don't give up material, should it not be called a trap instead?

  12. Central Countergambit:2:12Fianchetto Countergambit:2:30Skipworth Gambit:3:04Oxford Gambit:3:30Matovinsky Gambit:3:54Polish Gambit:4:23Albin-Chatard Gambit:4:46Zilbermints Gambit:5:35Aachen Gambit:6:00Carr Defense:Zilbermints Gambit:6:32Norwalde Gambit:6:55Greco Gambit:8:00Borg Opening:Zilbermints Gambit:8:36Ellis Gambit:9:47Beyer Gambit:10:31Bledow Countergambit:11:03Franco-Hiva Gambit:11:46Herford Gambit:12:30Gunderam Gambit:13:02Busch-Gass Gambit:13:39Hekili-Loa Gambit:14:29Konikowski Gambit:15:11Rio Gambit:16:10Philidor Countergambit:17:01Alexandre Gambit:18:17Hammer Gambit:18:49Panteldakis Countergambit:19:29Baeuerle Gambit:20:10Heinola-Deppe Gambit:20:46Soller-Zilbermints Gambit:21:18Lopez Countergambit:22:15Duras Gambit:22:52Anderssen Gambit:23:27Horwitz Gambit:24:24Bielefelder Gambit:25:09Chiodini Gambit:25:38Mittenberger Gambit:26:33Gianutio Countergambit:27:33Rubinstein Countergambit:28:07Borg Gambit:29:56Troon Gambit:30:44Alapin Gambit:31:36Quelle Gambit:32:52Blackburne-Kostic Gambit:33:46Lucchini Gambit:34:54Latvian Gambit:36:21Bavarian Gambit:37:00Kloss Gambit:37:38de Smet Gambit:38:32Cordel Gambit:39:06Kholmov Gambit:39:34Erben Gambit:40:19Cunningham Gambit:40:54Radisch Gambit:41:58Kadas Gambit:42:56Blackburne-Kloosterboer Gambit:43:57Elephant Gambit:44:23Sanky-George Gambit:44:47Calabrese Countergambit:45:34Khan Gambit:46:26Geschev Gambit:46:54Kiddie Countergambit:47:17Blachly Gambit:48:08Maroczy Gambit:48:37Cambridge Gambit:49:42Traxler Variation:50:24Miles Gambit:50:56Hein Countergambit:51:31Caro Gambit:52:13Falkbeer Countergambit:53:30Rousseau Gambit:53:52Paulsen Countergambit:55:02Schliemann Gambit:55:49Anderssen-Cordel Gambit:56:19Alapin-Blackburne Gambit:57:11Brussels Gambit:58:50Portuguese Gambit:59:26Icelandic Gambit:1:00:11Weber Gambit:1:01:01Marshall Gambit:1:01:21Ponziani Countergambit:1:01:56Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit:1:02:36O'Sullivan Gambit:1:03:38Leonhardt Countergambit:1:04:25Morphy Gambit:1:05:12Tal Gambit:1:06:02Lopez-Giauntio Countergambit:1:06:41Lion Claw Gambit:1:07:46Norwegian Gambit:1:08:53Vukovic Gambit:1:10:15Pickler Gambit:1:10:54Nimzowitsch-Marshall Countergambit:1:11:24Wasp Variation:1:12:04Corkscrew Gambit:1:12:49Silberschmidt Gambit:1:14:27And those are all of the timestamps.

  13. 54:20 actually, 5… d5 is a mistake because of 6 Qh5+. u have to play 5… Nf6 first and then d5 later. also, theres 5 Qe2 and black is supposed to play 5… Qe7 because if 5… d5 white has 6 Bb5 which would allow the knight the e5 and d4 squares to move to. theres also a trap after 5 Qe2 Qe7 in 6 Ng1 Nf6 7 d3 Nd4 8 Qd1 Nxc2+! 9 Qxc2 exd3+ winning the queen(i play this is black and have watched like all of the 2 videos there are on it lol)

  14. Best part of your video is "don't tell anyone" — you are just amazing… I have learnt so much of opening from you … Thanks 👍👍

  15. Why will white not kill knight with his king 🙄

  16. 20:26 OK so on the pronunciation of this Baeuerle Gambit, I believe the correct way to say it would be something like [böi-yur-luh].Idk, my German is like not great.

  17. "Normally a normal love"
    Ah yes, best grammar.

  18. Uh i did the 98th gamit when I was still a 100-rated- oh heck i didnt know before i also played number 90 i thought it was a decent move i mean i did it as white they just premoved and I always go for the fork 16:08 real gambit uh huh real i did the soller-Zillbermints gambit probably 5 times and lost 2 and and won 3 so win win and i lost my queen as white bc i played the queen move still and im not following that again also 29:46 havent it been 29m and 46s? Or what- also I play the Erben gambit just before I watched this video also at 40:45 cant you just go bg4? Trap the queen?

  19. Great video. Liked and subbed. Would love to see one for 1. D4!

  20. 1:10:13 I'm not sure why you're a fan of the Norwegian gambit. Clearly it has been played only at lower leves. If white doesn't play Qxh5 right away, then black's pawn structure is bad,and is strategically losing IMHO

  21. I really need a part2 please like button has been push!!!. ps love your work always

  22. The fact that the fiencetto is 31% win rate concerns me about our ability to play chess but I like how the matovaski is a 37%

  23. In the Mittenberger Gambit,the positions, if they don't accept it and play e5, looks unpleasent for black to me,even though objectively not bad. Still doesn't look like fun

  24. If you want to cut down your work load, but still help us a lot, you could cut it down to the top 20 or 25 for d4, because we are really just interested in the best ones! – heck, even a top 10!

  25. Wow this was awesome!
    After d4 can we also do one on the English?

  26. I play the Kings Bishop gambit and can say that the Bledlow gambit is tricky to play against.

  27. I'm not sure how to interpret things like "45% win rate". A 45% win rate for Black seems pretty awesome to me, considering the majority of the games (given decent time controls) end in a draw. Is that 45% of the decisive games are a win for Black (completely ignore draws), or is that the average number of points score by Black (for instance +4=1-5 scores 4.5 out of 10, aka 45%). Or something else?

  28. I am surprised that the Adelaide Counter Gambit [versus King's Gambit] is not here. I am sure it has been played often enough to be here. If not, I still would be interested to see what the performance of this gambit is? Great job as per usual! Thanks heaps!

  29. 1:07:42 Simon Williams has renamed the Lion Claw / Lions Cave -complex into Black Lion opening. I was skeptical, but suppose it has a high win rate. The problem is, white does not have to take that line in the Pirc or Philidor.

  30. Is the file you used available anywhere?

  31. I thought #92 was the Alekhine-Chatard?

  32. You made a mistake at #92 (Albin-Chatard Gambit). It's not a gambit for black, it's a gambit for white. The low winrate for black implies it's a very strong gambit for white.

  33. I feel like he made it too hard for himself by requiring that both boards also get checkmate, he shoulda just took the checkmate on board 1 and had the second board as a second board

  34. First, also have you ever tried any infinite chess puzzles?

  35. albin chatard is a gambit for white not black

  36. Amazing coverage of the "best by test" opening. Thank you!

  37. get to the scotch gambit.. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. Ng5

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