I Ranked EVERY Gambit Against e4 From WORST To BEST

I ranked 98 gambits against e4 from WORST to BEST. You’re welcome.

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  1. Haven't even watched the video and I already know my gambit is going to be in the first 5-10. Let's see if I'm right…
    Edit: Daaaang #66! But hey WORST EVALUATION!!! I'LL TAKE THAT!!!

  2. Hello, Nelson! I would like you to make a video about gambits as white, please! I like your videos, so much information.

  3. Really cool video. And i liked seeing my favorite gambit is in the top 25 with 51 percent yeey

  4. I love breakdowns like this! Fantastic video, even though I always just play the pirc defense, I still learned a lot 😀

  5. Good to know the gambit I use (Rousseau gambit) is within the top third.

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 f5

    There are some traps that white can fall for:
    The 4th most common move is 4. Nc3 which just loses a pawn after 4. … fxe4
    if 5. Nxe4 d4 forks knight and bishop
    Best continuation is 5. Bxg8 exf3 6. Bd5 fxg2 7. Bxg2
    Material is now equal but whites king side pawns are isolated. Black can develop the dark-squared bishop and castle to bring the rook into a semi-open f-file to prepare for an attack.

    In the video, 4. exf5 is shown.
    4. … e4 is the only move that give black an advantage.
    5. Qe2
    The 2nd most common move (Ng1 most common). This pins the pawn from taking the knight and prepares to capture it.
    5. … Qe7
    Unpins and protects the pawn
    6. Ng1 Nf6
    The trap is 7. d3
    The most common move. White tries to get rid of the pawn but is now losing because of
    7. … Nd4
    attacking the queen and c2.
    When the queen moves, Nxc2+ wins at least an exchange. Pawn are equal but white has a doubled c-pawn and an isolated d-pawn. White doesn’t have castle privileges.
    Note that is 8. Qxc2, 8. … Rd3+ wins the queen.

  6. I swear, no one puts more effort into their videos than Nelson. What an absolute mad lad.


    It must really astonish you that when you first had 17k that a short time later you would have 10x that in 170k as you have now. Just seems like yesterday to me when I was one of your earlier subs.

  8. Oh wow, a 1 hour 16+ mins video on gambits! Thanks!

  9. Nice video! How to you gather this data and put onto a spreadsheet?

  10. As a KG player, I’ve faced the Norwalde (e4 e5 f4 Qf6) 7 times! 6W 1L! 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏽

  11. It's pronounced ,,Bayeuerle,, or ,,b a e i u e r l e,,

  12. I guess that the Rio gambit only has a low winrate because most people don't play it that well from the black side. In masters database it has a 49% winrate because it's basically completely equal and 74% of the games are just draws.

  13. I need to play #38 against William Shatner.

  14. Great video!! How did these gambit get their names?

  15. That last gambit is vicious, that’s the most savage gambit I’ve ever seen. #1 68% win rate. Good lord. That one might be worth studying.

  16. Are these supposed to be gambits for black? How is #92 a gambit for black?

  17. WOW I didnt finish the vid but props to you

  18. Your analysis of gambits is strangely invigorating. I was tired and heavyheaded, but halfway through started play on my chessboard I dont touch a long time some of this positions, thank you for efforts and time you put in your work.

  19. Its funny how the cambridge gambit is so much better than the oxford gambit…I wonder why?
    Also am I blind or is the stafford gambit not here?

  20. Watching your videos has improved my elo rating, probably +200 elo in few months
    And the video is great, which shows that my random stuff i played before was as bad as i have seen here:)

  21. oh hell yes, I love this sort of video. Gonna try some of these!

  22. #70 Bäuerle is pronounced Boyerle, German Bauer = pawn/farmer, Bäuerle is an old diminutive. But we also call a baby's burp Bäuerle.

    #63 Bielefelder is pronounced Beelefelder, named after the German city Bielefeld, which, for some reason, doesn't even exist according to German Internet folklore.

  23. #66 Duras Gambit is actually very fun to play, but it shouldn't be your main opening

  24. 0:01 33:45 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Nd4?! is known as the Blackburne Shilling Gambit.

    1:08:43 Norwegian Gambit: You present a line with 8 g3. This is not so good for Black if White plays 8 Qe4/Ne2.

    1:12:14 Wasp Variation: You present a line with 5 Nxf7. This is not so good for Black if White plays 5 Bxf7/d4.

  25. Being such the busy man you are away from the chessboard, Nelson, I didn't think you'd have the time to post an hour plus long video like this. 🤣🤣 Anyhow, with such low win rates for Black the Albin-Chatard and Norwalde Gambits are pretty interesting in generating counterplays and eventually counterthreats that White must pay attention to.

  26. These videos always make me wonder who is the better player Chess vibes or Gotham Chess

  27. I just bought your course from the description and I'm excited to get started! 29 euro, that's actually just a steal.

  28. One gambit that is in the King's gambit, is the Blachly Gambit: 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.Bc4 Nc6, Stockfish gives black a slight advantage but the moves for bad are difficult to spot whereas, white has simpler moves to respond with.

  29. Big chess video gem, found much inspiration.

  30. I checked the entire video just to find stafford gambit and it wasn't there 🙁

  31. Just a little hint from an Italian "Lucchini" has to be pronounced same as Lukkini 😀

  32. I watched the full hour of this and was really pumped to see what Nelson had to say about the Colorado countergambit (1. e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 f5) before I realized it wasn't included 🙁 I think the reason why is because the lichess database doesn't use the word "gambit" at all for the opening which is pretty silly, they just call it the "Lean variation" and "Colorado counter accepted" when the pawn is taken.

    Oh well, according to the Lichess player database it has a 50% winrate, which means it's on the better side of gambits. I promise you'll have a lot of fun with it, there are a ton of traps when white tries to hold on to the pawn, and even if they don't white has to find some great aggressive moves for several turns straight to prove an advantage.

  33. I think what's needed is to see White's win rates and Draw rates as well for each of these so we can compare Black, White and Draw percentages simultaneously. But still, this is informative.

  34. This channel have helped improve my tactics drastically..thank you!

  35. Watched till the end cant wait for a d4 version

  36. The best chess channel on YouTube, by far. Keep up the great content, Nelson.

  37. Basically what we learned is don’t play the king’s gambit as white

  38. I’ve created quite a few of my own gambits as well…all with a 0% win rate.

  39. That was an amazing video. I learned a huge amount.

    Thank you, Nelson.

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